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Did you know Hoboken is home to the Paul Vincent Gallery over at 49 Harrison Street? (it’s one of the most Southwestern points in town…)

Well, consider yourself informed – and be aware of an art show opening this Sunday, November 15th! (opening show from 3-7pm and runs every Thursday 7-9pm through December 8th).

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The Art of Matthew Lahm and William Coronado

“We have been working really hard over the past year at Paul Vincent Gallery and we appreciate all the support that has been given to us while we have been starting this new venture. On Sunday, November 15, 2009, we are hosting what we might consider one of our finest shows yet.

Paul Vincent Gallery proudly presents the paintings and video art of two rising stars among New Jersey artists: William Coronado and Matthew Lahm.

The opening also features a musical performance by Salon of Refuse. The event will take place on November 15, 2009 from 3:00PM to 7:00PM and run until December 8, 2009. We will hold open gallery hours every Thursday from 7pm-9pm.

This exhibition will convincingly refute any argument that would suggest that figurative art is dead. The art of Matthew Lahm and William Coronado demonstrates that the subject of the human body is alive and well. Conceptual innovations that address this subject are occurring right here in New Jersey and right now in 2009, even in age-old mediums like oil painting. Their work succeeds in changing the way the viewer sees the body as not only a subject, but as a signifier, language symbol and object. Lahm’s work transforms small details and abstract views of the body into enormous and sublime landscapes of form, light and shadow. Some works are as large is 10 feet in length. Coronado’s work brings the viewer into the realm of the body as both organism and universe. His portrayals warp, transform and even dismember the body. Their common threads contrast intimacy and alienation, classical rendering skill as well as focusing on the body as flesh.

The opening will also highlight the multi-media talents of these artists and how they maintain subjective consistency even working in other genres. In addition to their painting, Coronado’s figurative video work will also be featured. Lahm is also a musician. He and Simona Martore are a song-writing duo that will be performing their original music under the name Salon of Refuse. Their music is thematic, moody and visceral with topics that range from sweet, to sinister, to melancholic, to satirical. As a lyricist, Lahm’s writings are very focused on the human condition and the music reflects the same intensity as his painting.

The Paul Vincent Gallery is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the City of Hoboken it strives to continue building a community of people who celebrate culture and excellence in the arts. Paul Vincent Studios houses 3 photographers and is available for rent. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts live model drawing sessions every Tuesday night. The space is close to 2000sqft and is located at 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030. For more information about the studio and the gallery please visit us at

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