Painter – Frank Hanavan

11/9/2007 Event:

Frank wants you to know about his exhibit starting this weekend.

Look! It’s another Frank Hanavan art show!

“This time it’s at the prestigious Hoboken Historical Museum in Hoboken New Jersey.

On display in the upstairs gallery expect to see about fourteen paintings all done this year in Hoboken and ONLY in Hoboken.

My artistic roots are in this mile square town and this show aught to reflect it. If you haven’t been to the Museum before, this will serve as a great opportunity for you to finally visit this lovely little jewel of a museum. Hoboken is a small town with a tremendous amount of history (Baseball, Frank Sinatra, Dorathea Lang, the Oreo cookie, the zipper. all from Hoboken) and this Museum attempts to cover it all. On display in the main part of the Museum this season is a terrific show about music in Hoboken. It’s not just all Sinatra.”

frank hanavan hoboken - Painter - Frank Hanavan

I happened to walk by local painter Frank Hanavan creating a portrait of a brownstone on Garden St.

His works start at $600 (similar to the one pictured). Give him a call if you're interested in some custom paintings.

Description: Local painter
Phone: 201-618-3359

Painter%20Frank%20Hanavan - Painter - Frank Hanavan

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Friday, November 9, 2007 1:34 pm

Franks work is great and best of all affordable. Makes great gifts.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006 11:20 pm

Wouldn’t it be silly if the woman that hired this guy to paint her house, afer the painting was done and after she payed for it, got on the phone and complained to the artist about the color of some painted flowers in a flowerbox in one of the windows in the image in the finnished painting? Only in a bad novel would you expect to hear the person who payed for the painting later get on the phone to the artist and focus on a part of the painting that was literaly the size of the head of a pin. That could never hapen in the real world, could it?
And only in a bad novel would the person who hired the painter and then complained about such a trivial detail, only in a realy bad novel or perhaps in some realy poor peice of bad satire would this lady, in her working life, make a living as an art teacher,a person who teaches young people about art. Nobody reading somthing like that could ever beleive it was remotly plausable could they? Nah. Impossible. This could NEVER happen.

Saturday, May 27, 2006 4:03 pm

I saw him yesterday on Garden and a couple weeks before he was painting a pic of a brownstone on 10th–he does great work.

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