Baby Talk Class

1/5/2007 Update:

babysign - Baby Talk Class
For those parents interested in taking their baby to this, Barbara has two Hoboken classes coming up in January.

Saturdays January 20 AND January 27, 2007
11:30 – 12:30
St. Matthew’s Parish hall
8th St. between Hudson and Washington

The 2 classes are 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the babies.) She will send you an email reminder a few days before the class and won’t cash the check until after the first class

If you want to sign up, please mail fee of $40 per family (moms/dads/nannies/grandmas… AND baby) to:

Barbara Thumann
66 Daniel Ave.
Rutherford, NJ 07070
ASAP to insure enrollment due to the limited number in each class.

For more info contact:
Barbara (certified teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing)
For information at:
or call (201 804-0458)

See older updates and comments below.

9/28/06 Update:

Barbara Thumann is pleased to announce that she will be having a two-part Baby Talk Class in Hoboken on Fridays, October 13th and the 20th. Location: St. Matthew's Community Center.

If she gets enough interest, she will also consider holding Saturday classes as well to accomodate busy working parents.

This class is a great way to help your child in their early developmental stages!

See below for contact information and to confirm the time.


Being raised with a deaf older brother, I quickly understood the value of non-verbal communication. The ability to read facial expressions and use sign language were fundamentally useful in my daily interaction with him as well as other people. It also helped propel me with my career further down the road.

Couples with babies would be very interested in the new "Baby Talk Class" available in Northern Jersey.

babysign - Baby Talk Class BABY SIGN LANGUAGE
It's fun, it's easy AND it really works!

New research demonstrates that teaching sign language to hearing babies improves their language, vocabulary and reading skills as they develop.

Babies who learn sign language can have up to a 10-12 point higher IQ than non-signers by preschool because sign language aids brain development. All languages are stored in the left part of the brain and visual learning is stored in the right part of the brain. When a baby learns sign language both the right brain and the left are used. This is a wonderful advantage for babies because they are using both hemispheres of their brains and therefore building more synapses or connections in their brains and greater brain function.

BABY TALK CLASS will teach you 100 simple signs, the alphabet and counting to 10 so you can begin to teach your baby (as young as 6 months old) how to talk/sign/communicate before they are physically mature enough to vocalize in 2 (45 minute to an hour) classes.

Why stop with "say bye-bye" when your baby CAN say so much more to you before her first birthday?

Communication with your baby at an early age is fun, less frustrating for you and your child, you build a closer bond with your baby and you are giving your child great knowledge that lasts a lifetime!

Email Barbara Thumann (certified teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing)

Her recent Hoboken classes were this past January, February and April at St. Matthew's Community Center .

She usually has classes at libraries in Northern New Jersey. Her next class is scheduled not far away at the Rutherford Library in July. She hopes to have another class in Hoboken possibly in August.

If you're interested in HOBOKEN CLASSES, please express your interest to Barbara Thumann:
or just sign up to the upcoming class in Rutherford.

You can also call (201) 804-0458

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Insulting people is a poor way to make an argument.

Regardless, you asked where the harm lay. It lies rewarding people for morally dubious behavior. It lies in consumerism. It lies in children who are over-scheduled and over-structured.

Where’s the harm in *not* enrolling in infant sign language classes?


“The interaction between infant and parent is also relevant. It’s far more superior to the Baby Einstein videos I’m sure you have tucked away that everyone is raving about!”

But Baby Einstein prepares children for hours and hours of TV viewing that will be a mainstay their adult lives. Now THAT’s practical.


Wow! What ignorant comments! Did you ever ask yourself why children learn a new language so easily and as adults we struggle? It’s because there is a “window of opportunity” for language development that closes as we get older..the cut-off being approximately 13. Also, the emphasis on early childhood education is because researchers have discovered that between birth and 5 years, children are like sponges. The more you expose them to, the more they absorb. It’s a crucial time for learning that was previously ignored. If you provide developmentally appropriate activities, in a PLAY ORIENTED setting, children will learn through directed play with opportunities for free play; making learning FUN! If they are ready, they learn; if they’re not they don’t. Where’s the harm? I agree that pushing and pressuring children to achieve when they’re not ready is a problem. However, if the infant is using sign to communicate before they can communicate verbally, what’s wrong with that? They communicate through crying, pointing, etc. which some are learned behaviors as well. (Point to my bottle, I get it…wa-la…learned behavior!) The interaction between infant and parent is also relevant. It’s far more superior to the Baby Einstein videos I’m sure you have tucked away that everyone is raving about! Sign language not only introduces children to the deaf population but is good for motor skills, muscle development (the same muscles in babies’ hands that will eventually hold a pencil and begin writing), communication AND brain stimulation. The comment that plenty of… Read more »


This is not only a great thing for babies, but I think it will also teach “grown up” couples how to communicate with each other since English seems to have failed.

I think it’s a cool idea. Just imagine yourself as a baby (some adults don’t have to imagine). You’re sitting there and want to say something but your motor skills prevents you from speech. Babies have thoughts.

Next time any one of us is on the bus, and someone has a baby, instead of the baby staring at you, and you think it’s cute, maybe it’ll sign to the people on the bus on the way to work, “I’m staring at you all because you are all robots. Oh yes, I said robots. I never want to grow up and be the bizarre bunch you all are. No thank you. OK mommy, I’d like my pacifier now if you don’t mind.”


It is good for kids that have developmental problems. Like my newphew that has autism – it has helped greatly in communicating with him. Also, he is enrolled in bancroft and in a class with 6 other kids, lots of one on one attention – he is now up to about 60 words.