Unassisted Car Wreck


Some of you might have driven by what appeared to be yet another drunk driving incident on Jackson and Newark Streets earlier tonight – however, it appears this guy crashed his car by himself, and not under the influence! Amazing!

Without anyone but yourself to blame, makes it much harder to tell a harrowing story to your friends later. Hoboken411 reader Richard told the story his way:

Car 3 – Inanimate Objects 0

“Disgruntled NY Giants fan, secretly wishing management had drafted Phillip Rivers instead of Eli Manning, takes his anger out on a tree, a fire hydrant, and the 20 ft light fixture. He passed a road-side impairment test and watch as the Hoboken Fire Department and Police Department removed his BMW SUV from the scene.

A resident inquired about access to the police report. After one Officer blew his question off with typical disregard, another more professional Officer happily answered the residents questions.”

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