More on the Housing Bubble

The folks over at Bubbletrack have been watching the real estate bubble carefully.

They often single out Hoboken because of the huge increase in housing inventory. Take a look at this chart here, which shows the ratio of monthly listings to monthly sales. The gap is widening tremendously.

What is your opinion on this? Is this talk of a bubble bursting just fluff? We'll have a "soft landing"? Or are we in for a disaster and national economic distress? Click image to enlarge.

hoboken chart.jpg

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It’s only going to get worse as the rates on ARMS get adjusted and more people either sell or refinance to 50 year mortgages.

BTW very nice site.


I have been looking at and checking the listings they have for the past month in Hoboken.

Last month I counted 350 and now it is up to 517!

Am I a bad person for these feelings of joy I have watching these arrogant fucked home buyers get skrewed by paying too much for so little! NAHHHHHH!
I want more!!!!!

It’s always a good idea to buy, real estate always goes up! NOT! HeheheheheheehHahahahahahahah!


Are their figures on what ranges of homes are not selling or is it all homes overall in Hoboken? Also, is this for new construction or existing homes? The curious thing is that in the ‘burbs, developers are realizing that there really aren’t that many people that make 200k+ a year and are now paying for it. Perhaps the same is happening here. That said, I guess people don’t like paying half a mil for something with no parking and next to no closet space anymore….