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Not being replaced by the Energy Kitchen, but rather a nice Mediterranean place called The Kebab House. Coming Spring 2008. Enjoy.

4/24/2007 Update:

Doors have been locked for the past week or so, and a “for rent” sign is up in the window. A couple readers mentioned it was closed, and despite a few people saying they really liked the food, many were frustrated with the constantly changing menu (like the supposed great sushi that was introduced, then pulled two weeks later.)

I’m not sure what the exact deal was, but I felt they just didn’t have a proper “identity”. The sign was convoluted and hard to read, plus their branding image wasn’t memorable. If you saw this place out of the corner of your eye, your brain would think “Is that an auto parts store, or a check cashing place?”

Sadly, this was on my list of places to review. Oh well, perhaps I’ll quickly review whatever replaces it.

Thanks Gary for the pic.


Orignal Entry:
Must have had food poisoning when he designed the sign.
Description – Small CafĂ© /fast food place.
Services – Sandwiches, Salads, wraps, Pastries, Coffee, Tea, Espresso, Burgers, Soups, Breakfast. Free Delivery(min $7 in Hoboken), Take Out, Dine In
Address – 62 Newark St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 420-7100, Fax – (201) 420-7120

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I was told that it will be salads, soup, etc.. Basically what it was before. I’m glad there will be another healthy place to eat. I just hope they have really good quality.


Anyone know what this place is becoming?


Anyone wanna place bets as to how much the rent on this place is gonna be? I’ll start with $6,000 a month.


Wife and I used to go here several times a week when FOOD was still new-ish (4-5 years ago?).

True story – we had just come off the Path train… totally hungry. Gorgeous Saturday afternoon. FOOD made the best chicken caesar salads. So we walk into the restaurant. The really sweet Korean woman was sitting behind the counter, smiling as she always was, ready to take our orders… As we approached the register, we noticed something – she was wearing flip flops and was rubbing her toes and scratching the bottom of her nasty feet. We glanced into the kitchen area and didn’t see anyone else working so we high-tailed it our of there.

As a business owner here in Hoboken, I would never say anything cruel re: another business owner, but we were absolutely disgusted. Was a shame, too – we LOVED that place and were heartbroken to not have the stomach to eat their anymore. For a while, whenever we walked past FOOD, we had a brief moment of silence. haha


[quote comment=”22950″][quote comment=”22949″]
I’m wondering when someone will open either a restaurant or a bar called 07030.[/quote]

I might be crazy, but I kind of like that idea for a bar/restaurant name in town… :mrgreen:[/quote]

What about one called “Eat it!”? If you franchise, the possibilities are endless…

“Eat it Hoboken!”
“Eat it Philadelphia!”
“Eat it Chicago!”
“Eat it Nutley!”

That last one cracks me up. Lowbrow, baby. Lowbrow.