Our changing landscape

If you don't get around the whole town top to bottom, left to right you might lose track of what's happening.

Remember that wall that surrounded the Maxwell Place project ? Well that came down and now the view is different. When the other 4 buildings go up, you may not need sunscreen in Hoboken anymore.

Maxwell house wall down.JPG

maxwell house wall down 3.JPG

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When the hurricane hits, at least we will have a shield on all sides to protect us 🙁


I’m shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, that Hoboken would allow a building to be put up that doesn’t fit the personality of the town. This is a travesty.

What’s that you say? How much? Wow that’s a lot.


I think this project is perfect for Hoboken and will help to revitalize our community. I have also just been provided with a verified scientific* study that proves trees cause cancer. As such we will take immediate steps to reduce this cancer threat and provide affordable housing to anyone who makes over 200K a year.

Now if you’ll excuse me the hookers are waiting in the limo.


I think this is disgusting. I was running along sinatra yesterday and realized just how limited open space there is. Do we REALLY need another luxury apartment clogging the waterfront?