Week in Review 5/21/2006

Last week, we touched on:

  • Thefts , vandalism and wanted criminals
    Is Hoboken as safe as you believe?
  • Local band: Ground to Machine
    Unique sound. Hear two of their tracks right here on the site!
  • Hoboken411's free classifieds
    Yeah, we know about Craigslist. But it's here if you feel like using it. Plus, it somehow caused a heated debate between readers in the comments section!
  • Piccolo's Clam Bar
    Apparently it's a love/hate kind of place.
  • Rita's Ice
    An insanely popular summer treat store coming to Hoboken
  • Yapple's Beach Cafe
    A tanning salon / juice bar replacing the previous tanning salon / juice bar. But this time with added oxygen. I can't wait to try the O2

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