Side View Mirrors

It seems they’re very vulnerable in Hoboken..

How many of you have had yours broken once, twice or more times? What about someone you know?

It seems like it happens each and every day. Today for instance, there were THREE occurances of a broken side view mirror, whether by vandals or by another vehicle. It’s a bit out of control, no?

And there is pretty much no way to catch another car doing it unless some good samaritan astutely writes the plate number down of the offending vehicle.

Not sure if the double-parked cars have much to do with it, but regardless, it sure is annoying, right?

What has your experience been?


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Yea, good point. I did some pretty scary stuff when I was a kid. If / when I was caught I would have / did pay the consequences though. Whoever’s idea it was to run the Long Island Railroad in an open unsecured trench through queens should be harmed physically. It was just too tempting…


Last year, I caught some very bold 13 yr old (approx) white trashy kid trying to knock off my side view mirror. I think he was trying to impress the young girls he was with. I threatend to kick his ass and call the cops. I did neither except give him a good scare and a vehement scolding. He was terrified and shaking. In retrospect, I shoulda called the cops on him. Thankfully, there was no mirror damage as I just caught him in the act. This happened around 3 PM, I assume the kids just got outta school. It would be a good idea to have cops on the street at this time to watch out for hooligans such as this.


Just remember to snap BOTH SIDE mirrors in when you park. It’s my expierence that it isn’t cars knocking them off, but rather punks/d!cks walking down the sidewalk going “huh-huh, watch this.” $400 in damage in half-a stupid second.