The Kim Glatt Bunch – Solution!

11/2/2009 Update:

Glatt Bunch Answers Revealed

This quiz was tougher than I thought! A few people came close but nobody could get every single one correct, so here are the answers:

Top Left: Michael Schaffer. The former 2nd ward councilman and current North Hudson Sewerage Authority commissioner encouraged Glatt to run for Mayor last winter. Some say Peter Cammarano got Glatt out of the race by pledging to re-appoint her if he won. Later, Schaffer was arrested and charged by the Feds of being Cammarano’s alleged Malibu Diner bagman.

Top Center: Mike Novak. Cammarano’s choice for the Yuppie spot on his failed Council-at-Large ticket was the first “newcomer” to sign on with Glatt, holding an early meet-and-greet for her at his office. Word on the street is Glatt was the only Mayoral candidate who would agree to accept Novak’s support in exchange for a pledge to support his 2011 run for 1st ward council.

Top Right: Jay Yacker. Glatt and Yacker met as students at New York Law, a so-called “Third Tier” law school not to be confused with the far more prestigious NYU Law, which is ranked fifth in the nation by US News and World Report. Though the couple purchased a tax-abated $3 million, 3-bedroom apartment on the 21st floor of the W Hotel, Yacker also joins Glatt as a defendant in the $1 million foreclosure suit launched against them by HSBC.


Middle Left: Louis Picardo. The former Hoboken Tax Collector is a longtime City Hall ally of Glatt. Perhaps you’ve seen Picardo’s illegally growing home a few doors down from the Glatt family mansion on Castle Point Terrace.

Middle Right: Alfred Arezzo. The teflon Construction Code official endures criticism and investigations and is said to be part of the remnants of Schaffer’s “Hoboken First” political organization supporting Glatt.

Lower Left: Maurice Fitzgibbons. The former Hudson County Freeholder was one of the highest profile supporters of Peter Cammarano. Fitzgibbons was originally telling people he would stay out of this race, but has instead been working the phones – and the rumor mill – for Glatt.

Lower Center: Anthony Suarez. The Mayor of Ridgefield is a friend and law partner of Glatt’s husband in the firm of Dario, Yacker, Suarez and Albert. Suarez was arrested in the same federal corruption sweep that scooped up Cammarano and Schaffer. How involved is Suarez’s law firm in Glatt’s campaign? Lead partner and Hoboken native Ron Dario is listed as Glatt’s campaign treasurer on every piece of her campaign literature.

Lower Right: David Roberts. The two-term Mayor reappointed Glatt to her political patronage plum on the municipal bench each time the Anthony Russo-appointee came up for renewal. Today, a Kim Glatt for Mayor sign hangs in Roberts’ Hudson Street window.

Glatt also picked up the Roberts/Cammarano talking point that it was not overspending that caused the 47% tax increase, but the council’s refusal to pass the Roberts budget.


Do you recognize these men?

One avid Hoboken411 reader was interested in educating people about “the men in Mayoral candidate Kim Glatt’s life.”

This reader says she’s very surprised to hear some of her friends “are actually buying Glatt’s campaign hype” that the judge who spent 14 years at City Hall is “an outsider” who is “not part of the past” and thought this would be a fun way to remind and/or educate people about Glatt’s associates. Recognize any faces?

First one to name them all and accurately identify their relationship with Glatt – gets some gift certificates for free Rita’s Ice!

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Good job Hoboken411. I know Four people who decided not to vote for Judge Glatt after seeing your stories about her. There must be many others since she only got 10% of the vote.

Kaiser Sosay
Kaiser Sosay

Roberts,Piccardo,Schaffer,Arezzo,Husband,Fitzgibbons,Novack,thats all i got i dont know if all are correct


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Eliot Spitzer
Eliot Spitzer

I shouldve known middle right. Side profile threw me off. Just two away from winning Rita’s coupon!