Political Water Cooler – 10/29/2009


Just five days left till election day (and some rest for 411….)


Almost Everyone (including Zimmer) Endorses Corzine!

Beth Mason’s first-out-of-the-box endorsement of her Second Ward constituent Jon Corzine for Governor set off a flurry of activity. Originally said to be resisting a Corzine endorsement, Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer followed Mason’s lead by insisting on being part of the Hoboken Democratic Party introductions before Corzine and Newark Mayor Cory Booker spoke last night at Teak.

Zimmer stood with Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and Freeholder Anthony Romano before giving a brief speech that was more about herself than Corzine. She also misidentified herself as someone who was “elected Acting Mayor.” Actually, she assumed the position, much like she assumed a position at the bar talking with “Stick” long after the event was over (choosing booze and political hobnobbing over concerned voters at the 1200 Grand meeting).

Mayoral candidates Frank Raia and Kimberly Glatt were also there with Mason and Zimmer, so if a Corzine endorsement is a deal-breaker for you, you’ll be voting for Republican Nate Brinkman!

Now what do you all have to say? (……..)

Mayoral Forum was a dud

Speaking of election action, you didn’t miss much at the Stevens Mayoral Debate yesterday, with the exception of not hearing Everton Wilson say the principal of Hoboken High School must be a “Pimp” judging by the clothes the female students wear. Yes, he really said pimp.


Raia Release

Mayoral Candidate Frank Raia’s campaign sent out another press release, reiterating that Pupie is like NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, “a leading force behind affordable housing.”

Read press release here.

Mason Meetup

Candidate Beth Mason is having her final “Meet and Greet” in the 4th Ward tonight.

If you want to hear how she plans to save Hoboken if elected, head down to Northern Soul bar at 557 First Street. Be sure to have a couple delicious and well-poured pints of Guinness while you’re there. They do it right over there!

Enjoy the warm fall weather today!

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Corzine’s platform: Chris Christie is fat.

Sorry, that’s not enough.



Looking forward for our Governor to solve the property tax problem, find the solution to fund the transportation fund so that our ill-kept roads and bridges can be repaired, fund the employee pensions, encourage business and restore the name of our great State. Hoboken, will have to stand in line and really have good leadership to solve local problems. Vote smart.

professor pinetop
professor pinetop

corzine was seriously hampered by his accident early in his term. he is a bright guy who happens to live in and love our city. christy was a decent federal prosecutor who sold his soul when he entered politics (he brought john ashcroft to new jersey – that is all anyone needs to know to want to re-elect corzine). mcgreevey left a huge mess in new jersey. whitman laid the template with her deficit spending. corzine inherited it; he needs to fix it during his second term but he is in a better position than his rivals to do the job and again, he is a neighbor who likes cities; much better for hoboken to have him remain our governor. zimmer is in a tough spot. most of her supporters tend to spout republican rhetoric on their blogs and posts. in many respects the national politician she most closely resembles is palin. small wonder her supporters get nastier as election day approaches. they are nervous; anxiety brings out the natural meanness in republicans.


Hey Yes.We.Can- My story wasn’t BS it was all facts and I have a few witnesses to attest to it. And Watchmaker your guess was right on the money. Zimmer supporters think they own this entire city, well it’s time to set the record straight and make sure we don’t elect this clueless woman as the mayor of Hoboken. She’s no reformer she’s been appointing all of her supporters with no experience to six figure paying jobs and her herself is accepting two salaries yes two salaries (Council and mayor’s salary) she’s greedy and dumb.


I knew there had to be someone who read those things other than the proofreader.