Rita’s Ice

3/10/2010 Update:

Frozen goodness is here to help!

Forgot to mention this a while ago – but Rita’s Ice (121 Washington) is now open for business for 2010!

A new paint job and the same happy faces are ready to fill your frozen treat desires!

See previous updates dating back to 2006 after the jump!


I just thought this was awesome.

Rita’s gave out over 1200 free Italian Ice’s on the first day of Spring. Over half were lucky Hoboken school kids, getting to enjoy a free treat!

Way to go Rita’s! Glad to have you part of our community! Hopefully, everyone remembers your refreshing offerings when it’s 90+ degrees out!

hoboken ritas ice first day of spring 3 - Rita's Ice
hoboken ritas ice first day of spring 2 - Rita's Ice

3/20/2008 Update:

Stop down at Rita’s Ice today (121 Wash) to get your free “First Day of Spring” regular-sized Italian Ice!

New Items for 2008

You might want to know about the new offerings, such as the excellent “Slenderita” fat-free soft-serve and the “Ritaccino” iced coffee drink!

Also available are large party-sized buckets all the way up to 2.5 gallons!
-Mention Hoboken411 and get a 15% discount!

ritas ice hoboken new items 2008 - Rita's Ice

9/20/2007 Update:

This Sunday is Rita’s one-year anniversary!

From 11am-5pm, swing by the store and join the celebration. They’ll have prizes and giveaways, specials all day, and you can even meet their mascot, “Gelati Girl”.

Should be a nice warm weekend, why not cool off with some delicious Rita’s Ice?

9/13/2007 Update:

You guys should stop by Rita’s and take a look at the sheer number of little yellow lemons they have on the walls and ceiling. It’s rather amazing!

Rita’s Helps Raise over $4300 for Charity!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (a registered 501c3 public charity) is a unique foundation that evolved from a young cancer patient’s front yard lemonade stand to a nationwide fundraising movement to find a cure for childhood cancer. Since Alexandra “Alex” Scott (1996-2004) set up her front yard stand at the age of four, more than $12 million has been raised towards fulfilling her dream of finding a cure for all children with cancer.

Rita’s is the first corporate partner of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to raise $1 million for the organization! Rita’s donation of $530,000 is also the largest donation they have received this year. Rita’s of Hoboken, which was one of the top contributing stores in the franchise, raised $4,326! They thank all of the generous Hoboken customers for their support!!

ritas hoboken interior wall alex lemonade - Rita's Ice

8/30/2007 Update:

Rita’s Ice is proud to announce that they’ve teamed up with Delivery.com to provide you with prompt delivery of your favorite cold & sweet concoction on these last lazy days of summer, and through the end of their season on November 18th.

I’ve also uploaded their delivery PDF menu for you to peruse. I happen to enjoy their Blendini treats!

ritas pre contest - Rita's Ice

3/21/2007 Update:

ritas collage sm - Rita's IceWelcome Spring!

Rita’s says:

Celebrate the 1st Day of Spring with a FREE Rita’s Ice

There may still be snow on the ground, but Spring is officially here!
Rita’s wants to celebrate by giving you a Free Regular Size Italian Ice! Stop by for yours today!

Today’s Italian Ice Flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Mango, Chocolate, Root Beer, Wild Black Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Sugar-free Pink Lemonade

Today’s Cream Ice Flavors: Cookies and Cream, Pistachio, Fudge Brownie, Orange Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip

Rita’s of Hoboken
121 Washington St.

See you soon!

9/20/2006 Update:

Please stop by today on your way home to pick up your complimentary regular-sized Rita’s ice. They’re giving them away all day long!

NJN News was there along with the Hoboken Reporter. If you want to hear the whimsical stories about the contestants you can watch the news at 6:00 or 7:30, as well as check the Reporther this weekend.

Here’s a few photos from the ice-eating event. You can also read the Philly2Hoboken blog for his review.

ritas during contest cant feel my face - Rita's Ice
ritas post contest winner njn news - Rita's Ice
ritas ice winner check - Rita's Ice

Click below for older updates

9/14/2006 Update:

Rita’s Ice is opening officially tomorrow, Friday September 15th. Hooray! It’s still actually summer! Good for them, they made it through the Hoboken adminstrative machine.

Since this is Ritas’ 400th store in the chain, their corporate offices have insisted that they have a bit of a party to celebrate. On Wednesday, September 20th, they’ll be holding an ice eating contest at 11:30 a.m. Contestants have 10 minutes to down as much ice, pre-brain-freeze, as possible. Winner gets $250. In addition to the contest they’ll be giving out 400 free t-shirts, and also 400 free regular sized (10 oz.) italian ices.

There will be local news coverage of this event, which is why they’re having it so early, so it can make the Evening News!

On top of that, Rita’s will have a table at the Arts & Music Festival on the 24th where they’ll be giving out free ices all day long. They want people to try them out and see why they’re so good!

Welcome to Hoboken, Rita’s!


ritas awning - Rita's Ice

Description – Very popular stuff.
Services – Ices, cones, shakes, etc.
Address – 121 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – TBD

ritas ice now hiring - Rita's Ice

Ritas%20Ice%20was%20cafe%20baron - Rita's Ice

Read official Press Release here:



Hoboken, NJ – Hoboken siblings Shereef and Laila Hammad will open a
Rita’s Ice, the first on New Jersey’s “Gold Coast.” The Hammad’s
store marks a milestone for the nation’s largest Italian Ice chain, it
is their 400th location nationwide. Rita’s in Hoboken is located at
121 Washington Street, between 1st and 2nd Streets, within easy
walking distance of Hoboken Station, New York Waterway and St. Mary’s

To celebrate the store’s official opening on Wednesday, September 20,
the store will host the first ever New Jersey State/Rita’s Italian Ice
Eating Competition at 11:30 a.m. Twelve glacial gladiators will
face-off to see who can eat the most Italian Ice in 10 minutes. The
winner will receive $250 and a championship trophy.

In addition to the unique athletic endeavor, 400 official Rita’s
T-shirts will be given away. Also the store’s first 400 guests will
receive a free regular size Italian Ice.

With the opening of the Hoboken store, Rita’s will have over 200
locations in New Jersey.

One of those stores, Rita’s in Middlesex Boro, is owned and operated
by the Hammads’ mother, Diana.

“We are thrilled to own the 400th Rita’s store,” said Shereef Hammad.
Rita’s offers great products and is a fun place to visit.”

Laila Hammad added: “For us, Rita’s is a family tradition. We are
excited to be the first Rita’s in Hudson County.”

Rita’s Italian Ices are made daily and available in more than 30
different flavors. Rita’s old-fashioned Frozen Custard, available in
chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, which is available at participating
locations can be served in either a cone or cup. Rita’s famous Gelati
provide frozen dessert fans with the best of both worlds with its
layers of Italian Ice and Frozen Custard. Rita’s Misto, the coolest
name in shakes, is a blend of Italian ice and creamy custard that when
blended, forms a refreshing treat that can be enjoyed on the go.
Rita’s also offers Cream Ices for those who prefer a treat that is
smoother and richer than Italian ice, but not as heavy as traditional
ice cream.

Rita’s celebrated its 22nd anniversary in May. The company started
with a single store in the Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem and began
franchising in 1989. Today Rita’s is the nation’s largest Italian Ice
chain with 400 locations and another 30 under construction throughout
the East Coast and as far west as Ohio. Rita’s was recently named one
of the Top 25 Franchise High Performers by the Wall Street Journal’s
‘Startup Journal’. Franchise information can be obtained by calling
1-800-677-RITA or visiting Rita’s on line at www.ritasice.com.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008 7:17 am

So what does she do now instead?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 11:35 pm

[quote comment=”75654″][quote comment=”75652″]Milk prices went up. Stop complaining.[/quote]

My complaint about Ritas is that I liked Jordans better. I want my crepes![/quote]

You know… I recently switched companies and the girl I sat next too in orientation was the old owner. When she told me I told her how much I missed this crunch cake they had and how me and my old colleagues were crushed when they closed. I could tell she appreciated what I said and we left it at that. Did not get into details. That was a loss to Hoboken, great place.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 11:32 pm

[quote comment=”75653″]PS, that’s coming from someone who buys $10 martinis?

Get a grip! :mrgreen:[/quote]

ha-ha….True..Very True.

BTW, great April Fools, I was reading it like WTF!!! Good job!

Monday, March 31, 2008 8:41 am

Points to Rita’s for the free event. Certainly comes across better than another ice cream joint in town that charged me 25 cents for a small plain cone for my daughter (no ice cream) after we had already spent over $10. I didn’t mind paying the quarter – they gotta make their money – but sometimes comping a cheap little item can go a long way.

Monday, March 31, 2008 12:40 am

[quote comment=”75652″]Milk prices went up. Stop complaining.[/quote]

My complaint about Ritas is that I liked Jordans better. I want my crepes!

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