Yankees are World Series Champs!


Yankees World Series Champs!

It’s over! Congratulations to the New York Yankees in beating the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 6 tonight to win the 2009 World Series four games to two!

yankees world series champions 2009 hideki matsui - Yankees are World Series Champs!

11/4/2009 Update:

Will Game 6 be the last?

Simple questions tonight as the World Series moves back to the Bronx: Will Pettitte be effective on three days rest? Will Pedro have his stuff? Can the Yankees close it out tonight? Or will we have a dramatic Game 7 winner take-all showdown?

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yankees phillies pedro martinez world series game 6 - Yankees are World Series Champs!

11/2/2009 Update:

Phillies extend series to game 6

Teixeira wasn’t clutch in the 9th, and Utley was epic – and the Phillies beat the Yankees 8-6 to send the World Series back to NY for Game 6 on Wednesday. Great!

How do you think Pettitte will do on three days rest?

phillies beat new york in world series game 5 - Yankees are World Series Champs!


Can the Yankees wrap it up?

Just because the Bronx Bombers are up three games to one against the Philadelphia Phillies doesn’t necessarily guarantee a World Series Title (remember Arizona? Boston?)

Will Philly’s ace Cliff Lee be un-hittable again? Or will the Yanks and Burnett claim their 27th Championship tonight?

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yankees phillies world series 2009 winenr - Yankees are World Series Champs!

10/29/2009 Update:

Game One: Philly 6 – New York 1

The Phillies’ Cliff Lee dominated the Yanks last night – and as Hoboken411 reader Furey wrote “stole” game one of the World Series. He snapped some shots at Mulligan’s, where “people who shop in the same aisle at the sporting goods store” gathered to cheer their team on. Apparently, one Yankees fan didn’t get the memo.

Will the Yankees tie the series by banging up on an aging Pedro Martinez? Or will A.J. Burnett just serve up more homer-balls for the Phils to tee-off on?


I-95 Matchup Set

The stage has been set for the 2009 World Series of Baseball. Will the New York Yankees return to win their 27th Championship? Or will last year’s champion Philadelphia Phillies repeat?

Series starts Wednesday, October 28th.

yankees phillies world series 2009 who will win - Yankees are World Series Champs!

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As a Mets fan I’m just glad Philly was beaten. It’s hard to root for the Yankees, but there’s no way in HELL I’m rooting for the Phillies!!!


Order placed to store for Kleenex tissues. Delivery to be made after 7pm. Don;t forget to tip the delivery boy!


Yanks were never gonna win in Philly! with a new stadium here in New York the boss said “we need a world series win at home” so let em have game 5, ok boys!!!!!!!!!!


Mission 27 complete! Phillies played a great series. Congrats Yanks!



Congrats to the Yanks and Congrats to the Phillies. Great series, lots of fun. 7th game would’ve been unreal. Absolutely great series.

Oh, one more thing: