The World’s Largest Cruise Ship

If you're in the neighborhood, prepare to see the World's Largest Cruise Ship right in Hoboken's backyard! Good viewing points include Pier A , Sinatra Park , and the 14th St. Pier .

This Friday and Saturday, try to see what may be the area's only appearance for Royal Caribbean's flagship vessel "Freedom of the Seas ". This modern marvel has all sorts of neat features, such as Cantilevered Whirlpools that hang over the water, a 42' Rock climbing wall, an ice-skating rink, wi-fi (of course), and flat-screen tv's in all rooms!

This gargantuan beast is nearly FOUR football fields in length and holds over 3600 passengers!


The Queen Mary 2 was the previous "largest ship", however it is still the longest by 20 feet.


How the Freedom of the Seas dwarfs the QM2:

  • Holds nearly 1000 more passengers
  • Gross Tonnage : 8600 tons more
  • Is 37 feet wider!

Here is what Royal Caribbean had to say about the itinerary:

  1. The ship is currently docked in Bayonne, NJ .
  2. Thursday the 11th, it will make it's way to Liberty Island to dock.
  3. The Today Show will be broadcast live on Friday the 12th onboard the vessel.
  4. Friday afternoon, it will make it's way up the Hudson to dock at Pier 92 .
  5. Will be available until 4pm Saturday for public viewing, then set sail to Boston (yuck).
  6. After that will proceed to Miami for it's maiden voyage to the Caribbean.

PS, this is the information a rep at Royal Caribbean had given us. However, there are conflicting articles online that indicate that the ship may remain in New York until May 18th.

It's fun to see this type of thing pass by Hoboken. Too bad the weather won't be nicer.

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