Hoboken Week in Review – 10/25/2009


What a week in Hoboken!

Yikes! So many stories this week, it was hard to choose the top entries for the Hoboken411 Week in Review – so a nice “super-sized” entry for this week!

hoboken411 week in review westboro baptists - Hoboken Week in Review - 10/25/2009

So what made the most noteworthy entries for the week ending Sunday, October 25th, 2009?

A mile square town can make your head spin!

    By far the most important story of the week was news of the Westboro Baptists coming to town to ruffle feathers!
    How attractive will Hoboken’s new cinema be for out-of-towners, when they already have their own theaters?
    One Hoboken resident feels he’s being unfairly (and unnecessarily) targeted by local cops.
    Here’s a summary of some of the more noteworthy political items of the week…
  • NIXED!
    The ridiculous plan to build yet more unnecessary high-rise waterfront towers was withdrawn by the developer after they saw the community disapproval here on Hoboken411!
    Does Hoboken benefit in any way, shape or form by having crude pictures of bicycles on the pavement?
  • NEEDY!
    Resurrected a post from the summer about things Hoboken desperately needs. Ideas keep coming – is anyone paying attention?
    One Hoboken411 reader claims they were nearly run down by a speeding HPD car – should they issue a complaint?
    I may have been harsh saying that people that leave valuables in plain sight “deserve” what they get. This leads to conversation with widely varying opinions…
    Several readers feel one dentist in Hoboken is just taking advantage of patients for greed and monetary gain.
  • LAZY?
    Hoboken411 believes many residents are stuck in their “neck of the woods” and rarely explore town. Are you one of them?
  • HMMMM…
    Another mysterious smell invades the NYC tri-state area. No word on what the heck it was.
    I happen to love the new high-tech street lamps being installed throughout Hoboken – some residents feel they may be TOO bright!
  • TAXI!
    The Hoboken taxi rules are clear, yet most yellow cab drivers abuse them. How do you feel about that crap?

Other Updates

  • NOW OPEN: Yep – Clearview Cinemas finally opened, and now Hoboken is home to a new theater.
  • REVIEWED: New Portuguese BBQ restaurant Piri Piri is reviewed by Hoboken411…
  • RE-LOCATED: Downtown interior design store moves uptown to 14th and Shipyard.

Event Calendar

See what’s happening this week on Hoboken411 event calendar!


Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it.”

– Samuel Johnson

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