Week in review 5/7/2006

Summer is coming soon, right?

Along with today's week in review, be reminded that today's "important" event is the infamous Arts and Music Festival .

FYI: The temperature will be 68 degrees as a high, but it will FEEL LIKE 76. So don't dress too warm. Also, for you people nervous about skin, the UV index will be 7 out of 10. So think ahead!!!!


People might get out. If they do, they'll do one or more of the following:

  1. Mill around aimlessly (people watching mandatory. Watching drunk and disorderlies is optional).
  2. Do the .00019 MPH "Waddle Walk" down the middle of Washington Street and:
    • eat gobs of junk food
    • buy some wacky trinket or thing-a-ma-bob
    • find a place to drink GIANT amounts of alcohol
    • puke and repeat
  3. Avoid it like a crazy-ex because they don't need to deal with this again for the umpteenth time.
  4. Execute plan that they've been working on for months to make this day a "blow out" event. That is just plain fruity in our opinion.
  5. Utter the phrase: "What Arts and Music Festival?"
  6. Take an extra 30 minutes to leave town.

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This year’s Arts & Music fest was great. Even though it still attracts some “artsy craftsy” type of vendors, I noticed a lot of new younger artists displaying some really great and original artwork and jewelry.

It also seemed that this year’s fest was double in attendance from last year.