Another 4th Ward water main break…


Who’s minding the store?

There’s yet another water main break affecting residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority today. This is the second break this month affecting portions of the Fourth Ward.

No word yet on how long it will take to get the water flowing again but crews are on the scene working on the problem. Councilwoman Beth Mason was on the scene distributing bottled water to residents effected by the problem. The drop in the temperature could have something to do with the latest failure of Hoboken’s crumbling infrastructure. Watch for more water main breaks on a street near you!

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Not the ENTIRE system, we did ours up here.


Beth Im thirsty I heard you had the only bottled water in hoboken please help me……… what ever


Unreal. Is there any way you could suck up to Beth mason any more?? It’s getting a little ridiculous. Simply comment on the news. Who cares is Beth mason is handing out water…. should that qualify her for being Mayor. It’s a water main break and it happens all over the place. Zimmer can not control it and neither can Mason. This is a failed system that needs to be replaced through out the city. But your one-sided story is trying to make the point that Dawn Zimmer is not paying attention to her ward. Again, its not her fault… the entire system needs to be replaced. Any why the hell do we need “wards”. It’s a one mile square town. Can’t be that difficult to “manage” a freakin’ 4 block radius.