Baja Mexican Cuisine

6/5/2007 Update:

New awning outside, same food inside.

2/14/2007 Update:

Read Guest review below!!

Description – Popular, “fun” restaurant & bar on the uptown end of Hoboken. Good Mexican food & Margaritas. Subsidized parking at 1415 Park Ave. Zagat rated. Entrée price range $10-$14.
Services – Mexican cuisine, Bar, Take Out, Lunch specials, Early bird specials, Free Parking
Website –
Address – 104 14th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-653-0610

baja mexican grill hoboken new awning - Baja Mexican Cuisine

2/14/2007 Review:

Today’s review comes from Hoboken411 reader “Willow.” Thanks for your contribution! It made me hungry just publishing it!

My friends and I decided on Baja tonight since it has always been tasty in the past and on this cold night they offer free parking (at the garage on 14th and park). First came our drink orders it was your typical mixture of ice tea, soda, and a beer. The order was for diet coke but like other establishments this was the fountain substitute, YUCKY!

We started off ordering an order of guacamole and jalapeño poppers for appetizers. The waitress brought out a basket of tortilla chips and the house salsa which was very tasty. It had a bit of smoky flavor and we gobbled those down fast. Out came our guacamole (which we did order the large portion) it also comes in a smaller size. It was good but we felt it lacked a some flavoring. Maybe some salt and lime might have helped. We soon realized that the poppers were M.I.A. and we asked the waitress who admitted she forgot. What is it with wait staff that refuses to write anything down?

baja hoboken 2 - Baja Mexican Cuisine
baja hoboken 1 - Baja Mexican Cuisine

Anyhow the rest of the meal was on course with the main dishes of : Baja tacos, chicken verde enchiladas, shrimp and chicken fajitas, and ground beef tacos.

The Baja tacos were a disappointment. The bottom was covered in grease and they did not have much flavor. The refried beans that accompanied it were too runny and again lacked in flavor.
baja hoboken 4 - Baja Mexican Cuisine

The chicken verde enchiladas were good. The sauce should have been spicier but the chicken was good quality. The black beans that came on the side were a little undercooked.
baja hoboken 6 - Baja Mexican Cuisine

The ground beef tacos were reported as being dry and not seasoned but when loaded with salsa and other condiments satiating.
baja hoboken 5 - Baja Mexican Cuisine

Lastly, the shrimp and chicken fajitas were determined to be the hit of the night. Large shrimp and hunks of chicken came out on one of those sizzling plates along with tortillas, guacamole and rice.
baja hoboken 3 - Baja Mexican Cuisine

Of course, being typical women we decided to share some deserts. We choose the tres leches and the chocolate banana with ice cream. Reading the menu we thought the description of the banana desert was not fried. It was fried but that didn’t stop us from practically licking the plate. The tres leches was excellent as well.
baja hoboken 7 - Baja Mexican Cuisine
baja hoboken 8 - Baja Mexican Cuisine

Overall, the food was fair. The service which started a little off finished well. I am sure we will return in the future and hopefully they up the seasoning quotient.

Old Awning:
Baja - Baja Mexican Cuisine

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Monday, September 1, 2008 4:40 am

[quote comment=”13961″]I would rather eat at Chevy’s than that Sludgehole Baja.[/quote]

let’s face it. You gotta know where you are….and WHAT to order.
ive been around the block and have a few suggestions.
At BAJA….TEX MEX…..this is what they advertise themselves as…they arent TRYING to be authentic. The fajita fundito (steak) amazing entree…the baja special (for two) …..the queso fundita (an appetizer of the gods)… margaritas…choose a tequila…cadillac it if you like it spicier.

AUTHENTIC mexican…Charritos. Period.

French Dip?…I hate to say it because i miss the ole Lady janes……BUT…..Hudson Tavern. That sandwich knocked my socks off….i think about it constantly. so good. best ever.
Heard their burgers good too….but i havent had the chance to taste it yet, but from what ive heard its a contender…


Monday, June 9, 2008 12:11 am

This place needs a new hostess, or at least a person purely devoted to phone orders and take out. We tried to dine here this evening, but we stood there 10 minutes w/o being acknowledged. 3 other parties besides us stood there while the hostess took phone orders and ignored us. The bar is so dark and uninviting when you enter, and the neon is just w/o class. I voted w/my undervalued dollar and when next door to Port of Spain. While that restaurant has some renovating to do, at least the food is non-greasy and honest, and the staff treats you like a human being.

Friday, June 8, 2007 10:17 am

Nah, just when I’m sober. Crunchy is good.

I hear the same thing about pizza on the west coast (well, rest of the country, too) from east coast pizza nuts – ‘it’s the water’, ‘it’s the humidity’, etc. Apparently same rules apply to bagels. But hey – the way I look at it is: when I go out west, awesome Mexican food (not to mention animal style at In & Out); when I get back home, great pizza. Win/Win.

Trail of Dead
Trail of Dead
Friday, June 8, 2007 10:05 am

Really hate it that much? I like the crunchy sometimes, and better than most west coast pizza.

It’s not like the mexican food here is bad, it’s just different. I read an article by a Mexican cook once who said he tried to make West Coast style Mexican food in New York, and it just didn’t taste right. Something about the different water, humidity, etc.

Friday, June 8, 2007 9:53 am

Uptown Pizza is foul.

There is -great- Mexican on the East Coast…just not in Hoboken. But you’re right about pizza on the West Coast. Blech.

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