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If you’re wondering what happened to that insurance agent that had an office at 1332 Shipyard Lane – well, I heard they’re moving downtown.. but a new business is moving in QUICK!

Is it a coincidence, or just the market coming back?

Many people I speak with think the Real Estate market still has several years before it “gets back on the track to normality,” however, some folks feel we’re on the upward trend once again. It’s apparent that taking the place of the previous business is a premium interior design company! Not sure if it has anything to do with that new Berkshire Building going up across the street – or are interior designers back in high demand again? Anyone know?

creative interiors hoboken nj 2 - Creative Interiors - New!

Description: Interior Design Company
Address: 1332 Shipyard Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-215-1777
Web: TBD

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 3:09 pm


From everything I’ve seen, people are staying put in the property they have instead of selling quick to make a profit in order to upgrade to a nicer property. Trend is towards people fixing up what they already have instead of upgrading to a more expensive property that is already done up. I think people have the money to buy, but are afraid still – given the unemployment rate for men i s~10.8% and women ~8%, and overall the unemployment rate nationally is ~9.8% and climbing to the teens. People who have jobs don’t want to risk it, but want to live in a nicer place. So home renovations of existing residences is on the rise, employing more need for designer services.

I watch this show on Bravo channel called Flipping Out (Jeff’s show, with a funny house keeper named Zoila). It tells the story of a California designer who for the past several golden years in California’s past flipped to become a wealthy multi-millionaire. Given the last year + change in the market (especially Cali), he had to get out of the flipping business and return to his first profession as a designer. He says the same thing – no one’s buying, but instead people are making their existing homes nicer – thus an increase in the designer business.

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