Atomix (evicted) Computer

Eviction notice on door. Must be out by 7/31.

I suppose when people buy $299 PC’s from Dell, they have no need for a $2,000 “custom” PC from a no-name company.
I also heard somewhere that they have some people’s computers still and they can’t get them back.


Address – 320 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4831

Was the Family Scoops place.

atomix tall computer store.JPG

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Wow – this is just not a surprise. I went in there with some questions regarding a motherboard and bought a Power Supply Unit. Their answers were pretty basic at best. The unit was a complete ripoff, but I needed it, took it home, it never worked, and I promptly returned it not knowing radioshack also sold legit ones. This thing didn’t even have any documentation with it!! Then they wanted me to go through them to get a new pc! Give me a break! Who ‘greenlights’ these busineses? Anyone with a head would be able to see that they were doomed from the start.


seriously smoky. Did you see their teeth. yikes!


That must be the owner commenting. I think this wacky place sucks. They have three cables on the wall and one souped up rig which is probably their PC. What the heck are they doing there that you can’t get cheaper online?

I walked in with a few questions and the smokey place scared me off. They may be part of some illegal internet scheme. Freaky!


Awesome store. Helped with all my computer questions. Nice people and great customer service.