Snoogly start to the week!


Urgent comedy dose delivered!

Hoboken411 normally reserves the bonafide “fun stuff” for Fridays – since well, you know – most people are more light-hearted and relaxed at the end of the week.

However, to copy my mantra throughout my corporate career, I feel the need to share this ridiculously funny (i.e., 8,000 situps pain in your stomach funny) – video from Spike Feresten that aired a few months ago. I caught this rerun the other night, and laughed so hard I crapped my pants. Tears rolling down my eyes, and severe pain. That funny.

Hope this makes you “Case of the Mondays” a little bit better – worked charms for me!

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Snoogly might be the answer to help solve the school uniforms issue that the Hob. Bd. of Ed. is divided over.