National Feral Cat Day a success!

10/31/2009 Update:

I told her we’ll make up a better photo for the next event…

Hope for feral cats yet!

“Just a quick note to let you know the Fix A Feral Cat Fundraiser was a huge success – more than I ever imagined! Thanks again for posting the event on Hoboken411!

Take Care,


Hoboken411 reader Patricia wants everyone to know about more animals in crisis in Hoboken…


Fundraiser at Louise & Jerry’s on 10/22

“Dear Hoboken411,

In honor of National Feral Cat Day that is recognized today, October 16 (and in light of the recent 411 report about the conditions of the Newark animal shelter) , we are trying to raise awareness of the feral cat crisis that exists in Hoboken. Companion Animal Trust is a non profit that supports Trap-Neuter-Return and has TNR’ed numerous cat colonies already in the city.

Litters of kittens are born every day in backyards, behind restaurants and empty lots. Cats dart across streets, scurry into alleys and hide under cars. Sadly, many suffer and die under the worst conditions.


We are hosting an event to raise money for and awareness of the feral cat crisis on October 22, 2009 at Louise and Jerry’s in Hoboken (2 hours open bar). I have attached a flyer to this email outlining the details. Additionally, I have provided information below on the importance of Trap-Neuter-Return! Please consider posting this information on Hoboken411 to help us spread the word about the importance of addressing this issue.


(Feral Cats, continued…)

The Facts:

  • Cats reproduce several times a year
  • Kittens can have their first litter as young as six months old
  • Estimates are as many as .5 cats per household on the street
  • Hoboken households – more than 19,000
  • Hoboken has thousands of feral and stray cats living on streets

The Problems of Stray and Feral Cats:

  • Quality of life concerns (noise, smell, property damage)
  • Public health concerns (rabies, sanitation)
  • Humane issues (cats and kittens suffer from the elements, illness and humans)
  • Burden (financial and otherwise) on the costs for animal control and animal sheltering
  • Shelter killing increases

The Solution:

  • The effective strategy for the permanent reduction of feral and stray cat populations is Trap-Neuter-Return (“TNR”). Trap-Neuter-Return is a humane and non lethal program for the management of feral cats.

The TNR Process:

Cats are humanely trapped and:

  1. spayed/neutered
  2. rabies vaccinated
  3. returned to the original trapping location

Caregivers then feed and care for the colony on an ongoing basis

The Results:

  • TNR permanently reduces the number of cats
  • Nuisance behaviors such as male spraying, noise (mating or fighting) and roaming are dramatically reduced resulting in less complaint calls to Animal Control
  • Attrition reduces the colony numbers over time
  • Caregivers manage the colony and maintain a clean environment (controlled feeding)
  • Less cats brought to overburdened shelters (reduced costs)

If you are unable to attend the fundraiser and would like to make a contribution, you can do so at

Thanks for your consideration.

Patty Drumgoole

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I will try to stop in – I hope you get a great turn out.


I’m a sucker, I have three cats that I rescued as kittens from behind my building.


not to steal the thunder, but another issue going on in NYC for anyone who’s interested in fostering dogs or adopting dogs.


If there are “thousands” of stray cats in the mile square that is Hoboken, how is it that I’ve never seen a single one?

Also, I’m not sure who needs to see a shrink more…
The cat with the gun in the picture?
Or Hoboken411 who made the picture?


Congrats to Louise & Jerry’s for stepping up to the plate. Hope it’s a great success.