Hoboken Homeless Shelter Donations


Don’t forget the needy in Hoboken

One Hoboken411 reader wanted to remind everyone that with the cold weather approaching, it might be a good time to consider those less fortunate than us (not including me – yet).

He said that the winter is the hardest time of the year for those that are homeless, even if they have a shelter to stay at – because they must brave cold conditions from early in the morning until the evening.

So if you’d like to appreciate what you may often take for granted, and lend a hand or provide a donation (regardless of how small) – please consider helping those who help others. Head over to the Hoboken Homeless shelter at 300 Bloomfield Street – or check out their website at www.hobokenshelter.org.


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If we can work together and have people drop off stuff at the store, i will have a section dedicated to the shelter and we can give as a team? 411’ers can drop off things here via 411 and all proceeds can help the homeless. I’ll sell off my own personal stuff aas well and have all proceeds go to shelter as well