Zephyr Lofts

Another renovated building. I'm sure it's nice inside.. but WHY?

Why would you want to live in a nice "box" surrounded by crap? At this cost?

Description – Luxury Lofts.
Website – www.zephyrlofts.com
Address – 689 Luis Munoz Marin Blvd (Henderson Ave), Jersey City, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07310
Telephone –
(201) 792-7277

zephyr 2.JPG

Zephyr and 700 grove.jpg

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surroundings – it’s super quiet; you might not believe this, but it’s true.

price – check out craigslist for price comparisons. yes, 700 and zephyr are a little it cheaper but why would you want to buy a 700 sq ft walkup in the middle of hoboken for 400k? not to mention, this building is solid

i wanted to stay in the hoboken area and get more for my buck. besides, unlike some people…if i want to go into ‘town’, i walk 🙂


i live in this building, and like this building, period.


What? Grove street is the bomb yo. Represent!


Zephyr is an okay building, but the location is crap. Also, it was loaded with flippers, and I can’t imagine buying there- even in a good market.