Family of the Year visits Hoboken


Band travels in a camper!

Not sure how many of you caught the band Family of the Year recently at Maxwell’s – but I spotted this camper truck parked near Maxwell Place the other day. It piqued my interest before I knew it was a band – because it seemed like a cool idea to buy a camper or Winnebago and travel all around the country and simply explore what’s out there. But alas, they had a perfectly good reason to be traveling, and that was to play their music at various venues across the nation.

Here’s songs from their new EP. I like “Let’s Go Down,” which is fun and upbeat – and “Psyche or Like Scope.”

Letter to Friends….

“First of all, thank you for supporting us, believing in us, coming to our shows, listening to our music, being our friend on various social networks despite our constant posting of nonsense, and sending positive hippie vibes our way. All your support has given us this momentum that has us quitting jobs left and right, but not because we’re making money or anything. We’re pretty much all moving into a country house together so we can afford a country house on wheels that will deliver us to a city near you so we can knock your socks off. But with that comes all these dumb expenses, like food. And important ones, like gasoline so we can get to you. And merch and wine. You name it, we don’t have money for it.

And since we’re doing this without the “help” of men in suits, we need you to put some of your hard-earned pennies into our hard-earned pockets. So we’re offering our EP to you for the dollar amount of your choice. The more dollars, the merrier, obviously. But if you only have a buck, feel free. If you wanna give us ten, awesome! We don’t want anyone to not have our music because it’s too expensive, but we also want to be able to keep making tunes and hanging out in your city. So enter your email address on our website, and you can download our debut EP Where’s The Sun right then and there.

So feel free to be a part of our family.

Signed, sealed and delivered,
We’re yours. (For however much you wanna give us.)

Family of the Year

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ricky roma
ricky roma

hobo411 – you should check out the band fleet foxes – i think they kind of have a similar sound.

ricky roma
ricky roma

nice – never heard of them, but dig their sound. looks like they are playing a bunch of CMJ shows next week in the city.

the internet has completely changed the way bands get their music out. 15 years ago – even 10 years ago – there just wasn’t this ability to get your music out there without some kind of record deal or distribution deal. a band like this would have had to stay local until they hit it big. now they can raise money from a fan in Iowa who heard of them without them ever showing up in their town – or without them even having gone into a studio and recorded an album