Movers: $15 guys vs. $19 guys


From a reader, more evidence that these $19 movers are a scam, plus Hoboken411 catches one of these tools putting up signs on First Street!

“Dear Hoboken411,

I wanted to inform you and your readers of something that happened last weekend in regards to those Movers who offer two last minute movers for $19 per person for a minimum of two hours (see attached photo). I wasn’t going to say anything until I noticed a new slew of green font fliers posted on just about every light post from Hoboken to JC. I thought it was time to reveal that this “business” is untrustworthy.


Last week, my wife bought a few large pieces of furniture in the city at some of the thrift stores on W. 17th. We have a Jeep, but it was not going to be big enough to fit the pieces we purchased. The goal was to have movers transport the pieces from Manhattan to storage in Hoboken (moving soon). These thrift stores have a strict policy on moving the pieces within a few days since their space is so limited. Later in the week, my wife contacted this anonymous moving company (phone # – 718-200-6767). It is the same company that plasters Hoboken with those $19 Moving fliers. A man answered and set an appointment for two men at 10 AM, Saturday.

After my wife hung up, she called back and left a message a few hours later to see if it would be possible for them to move a few extra items from our home in Hoboken to storage as well. She never received a call back. We attempted to call the phone number at 9 AM on Saturday just to make sure everything was still on target. The voice mail on the cell phone was full! On Saturday, the movers never showed up at our door – at all. We wound up calling another moving guy who deals with the thrift stores on 17th. He was able to make a last minute pick up (although it was just for the pieces from Manhattan to Hoboken, not from our home to storage – we didn’t want to press our luck).

Long story short, those “Moving $19″ sign are untrustworthy. I’m sure they help move last minute items, but if you’re in a pinch, don’t waste your time. Find a dependable and professional company. These movers never arrived at our home to move the items. Their cell phone was full with messages (likely from other customers asking where they were). They weren’t even professional enough to call and cancel the appointment.

I hope other residents aren’t scammed like we were last weekend.

Thanks again for being a excellent voice in Hoboken!”

Take a look at this dope. I wonder what was on his resume under “skills”? “Handy with scotch tape, can evade law, pants hang off ass perfectly, attained ideal shady look”. Eh, I feel bad. He seems like a nice guy just trying to make a buck.



crushed-boxes-hoboken.jpgAgain bumping one of the first posts on 411, this time a reader shares his bad experience with the “pole guys”. Too bad he didn’t read this before he chose to call.

“I think you should do a story on the guys who have the $19 moving flyers all over town. It’s basically the old bait and switch game.

I called on Saturday and got a quote of $55 an hour for two men and a truck(should be $38 based on flyer). I figured taxes or whatever so still a decent deal. I waited for 2 1/2 hours by the time they finally showed up. They showed up with three guys and told me $86 an hour plus tolls(I called a Jersey number and they said they were coming from Hoboken to Edgewater so not sure what toll) and something else I couldn’t understand. So they told me for two hours $227. 86 x 2 is 172 plus the tunnel is 6 if they did come from NY. I told them I would give them the 190 I had on me and that’s it. They refused and left and I was stuck with a store full of equipment needed out by the end of the month or I pay rent again.

I called the original guy back and told him what bullshit this was and I would be tearing down every sign I saw of his which I did yesterday. I don’t want other people in Hoboken or wherever dealing with these guys. They basically get there and try and get more out of you as they know you need your stuff moved that day.”

Another good resource on the web is They have a collection of “blacklisted” movers, and offer all sorts of tips & a message board to share information about moving, etc.

Updating one of the first posts on 411 (back in April ’06) about these movers that advertise on telephone poles in Hoboken.

From (again!):

Hoboken couple bilked by bogus ‘movers’

HOBOKEN —A couple who responded to an advertisement with tear-off telephone numbers for movers were taken to the cleaners, according to police reports.

A couple reported yesterday that four “movers” made off with their possessions, valued at $200, after completing just part of the job, reports said.

The movers – who posted an advertisement on a pole that offered services at $19 dollar per truck per hour – picked up their possessions from their Washington Street home and brought them to their new place, on Willow Avenue, police said. But then they insisted the couple pay $570 before unloading the possessions, according to reports.

The victims told police that two of the movers returned with the husband to the old address, while the wife stayed unloading boxes with the other two men.

After taking a few boxes up to the apartment, the wife saw the men fleeing north on Willow and then east on Second Street, reports said. She called her husband, who looked ouside the old apartment and found the other men had disappeared with the truck — along with the victims’ tools and boxes with clothes and other personal belongings, police said.

The couple called the number on the advertisement and a man responded, saying that he had no idea what they were talking about, reports said. They called it again and it was disconnected, reports said.

They then noticed that the telephone numbers were different on other similarly worded posters plastered around Hoboken.

Police said that the incident is under investigation, and that anybody with a similar experience should call Hoboken Police Department Detective Sgt. Michael Costello at (201) 420-2110.

Charles Hack

Have you seen the telephone sign battle waging between the el cheapo movers? Has anyone used either? I would imagine if you don’t care about your belongings these guys would be a great choice. But I could be wrong.

Who wins?

15 dollar mover.JPG
19 dollar mover.JPG

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for everyone’s information, i called labor ready and hired temporary employees. they perform background checks on the people, and pay them a decent wage. i rented my own truck.

if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….$19 per man and per truck per hour? so if i need 2 hours it’ll be 19 X amount of men + 19 X truck X hours…..

i don’t like the sounds of it.


[quote comment=”48995″]”well there’s no law against being drunk, you should know that!” [/quote]

That’s funny. Someone I know got a ticket for being drunk and jay walking in Hoboken.


100% liability. Anything that the buildings says was damaged by the movers, the tenant will be liable for its repairs. If I were the building’s HOA I would refuse the movers entry.


I’m wondering if anyone can offer any advice – I know someone who’s moving into a building here in Hoboken (as a tenant, not an owner) that is demanding a certificate of insurance from the moving company. Needless to say, it’s a cheap moving company that won’t supply it. Any idea what the liability/exposure is to the tenant if the certificate’s not provided?
Thank you very much in advance.


i think that may be part of it, Rags. i also think a big part of it is the background of the cops. a lot of them are goombahs and with that, comes the usual goombah traits – arrogance, obnoxiousness, rudeness, etc. really the only difference between the people IN the bars and the people out and about policing the behavior of the bar-goers is that the people outside wear a blue shirt and pants and a badge.