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Owners Pam & Debbie have advised me that Yapple’s has become doomed. Pam said: “This crushes Debbie and I because we loved all of our customers and the store was on the road to success, we just needed a little more time and a little more money. We tried everything, but (the whole Hoboken inspection process) delayed our opening so long, we were spending for a year with no income.”

For customers that had open tanning contracts, they said they’re trying to get another tanning salon to cover any tans that were owed to customers. They’ll let me know what they work out.

It’s too bad when a business closes the same year Mayor Roberts does the ribbon cutting. They were good people too. Any seed investors want to save them?

hoboken%20beach%20club - Yapple's Beach Cafe

1/12/2007 Update:

Yesterday at 12:00 noon was the “official” ribbon-cutting grand opening of Yapple’s. Yeah, we missed the big hoopla over at Garden of Eden, but that’s ok.

Mayor Roberts was on hand to be the ceremonial ribbon cutter, and to wish the new owners much success in Hoboken.

They had samples of the wraps that will be offered starting next week, along with some champagne and carrot cake. No, 411 didn’t drink any.

If you missed this weekday celebration, stop by on Saturday between 11am and 4pm to taste their food and wish them luck!

See more pictures below, as well as what it’s like to do a juice-fast.
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yapples exteriorcs - Yapple's Beach Cafe

yapples smoothie girlscs - Yapple's Beach Cafe

yapples ribbon cuttingcs - Yapple's Beach Cafe
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1/5/2007 Update:

What was supposed to be a two-day “Juice Fast” turned into three by accident!

juice2 - Yapple's Beach CafeThe mission: To speed up the detoxification my body sorely needed after a year of abuse, to complement my New Years resolution to not ingest alcohol for 33 days, and out of curiosity, challenge myself to see if it could be done. Success!

The plan: You can choose either a one-day plan or a two-day plan. Both days are $20 each. No discount for going longer. Each day consisted of three “meals:” Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You also got 10 minutes of oxygen therapy to use at any time during the day.

  • Day 1:

I started out late for some reason. Around lunch time. The first meal is a 1oz. shot of wheatgrass juice and a 24oz. grapefruit/apple combo. They claim many benefits to wheatgrass – see what they are by clicking that link. The grapefruit/apple combo is supposed to be good for weight loss. Very refreshing. Wasn’t hungry at this point.

lemons - Yapple's Beach CafeIronically, because the 411 server was in the E.R., had no time to think about eating. But 5pm rolls around, and I had to do the second meal of the day. A blend of celery, cucumber and lemon juice. A friend who did the same test said they used three lemons. When mine was made it contained six lemons. A definite mistake. A mother-pucker of a tart drink. They re-made it for me with less. I’d recommend two, not three. Was most certainly different than most juices you’d drink. Took a little while to get used to, but celery and cucumber are thirst-quenching. Not sure what the supposed benefit of this combination is. Additionally, they also give you a .5 liter bottle of this oxygenated water (though it’s claims can be dispelled.) Still not hungry after this.

carrots - Yapple's Beach CafeI had to get down there before they closed at 9:30, so I rushed over to try the “liver cleansing” blend of carrot, kale, parsley and spinach juice. Liver cleansing for me would have to be keg-sized. This was very flavorful, as the carrot juice was the dominant flavor. Although I have to say one of the other ingredients didn’t sit too well. Became a bit queasy. Still not hungry, despite not sleeping that night. Also did the oxygen therapy, which is fun. I did it once when I had a major hangover, and have to vouch that it definitely worked for me. Has anyone else tried it for hangover-relief?

  • Day 2:

cayenne - Yapple's Beach CafeAnother ounce of wheatgrass, and my favorite drink of the test: A “Lemonade Fast Juice”. Lemon juice, one spoonful of maple syrup and some cayenne pepper. Supposed to be for metabolism. The beverage was tart and refreshing, yet you wanted to drink it slow. Had the perfect amount of kick. Got spicier towards the end. Recommended. An hour later some hunger-pangs set in.

The server work was still going on, and had the same juice as dinner the night before. Very enjoyable again, but still got me queasy. Not sure which ingredient it was! More oxygenated water, and back to the lab to fix 411. Not hungry whatsoever at this point.

Again, close to closing time I had the Apple, Spinach, Parsley, Lemon juice concoction sans the parsley, since they ran out. Another refreshing drink. However got a little nauseous again. I believe that narrows it down to the spinach juice. My body may not agree with that, since my friend had no ill-effects from any drink. More O2 and back home after two straight days with no solid food. After the upset stomach passed, I felt great otherwise!

  • Day 3:

Wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan, but I had to leave Hoboken quickly in the morning, so I stopped in and had the same breakfast as Day 2. The wheatgrass and spicy lemonade. I like spice, so I asked for extra cayenne. They accidentally put way too much. I tried it, and wanted to keep it anyway. Got ulcer pains later in the day. I decided at that point to try for the trifecta and go three straight liquid days. filetmignon - Yapple's Beach CafeAfter getting back to Hoboken plus a two hour walk around town, I started getting ravenous and cheated a little. I did a protein shake called the “Mellie Mix”. A nice mix of banana, peanut-butter, soy milk, frozen yogurt and protein powder. Very satisfying, however it threw me off again and I got dizzy. This is the last of it. Even a day-old bagel began looking like medium-rare filet mignon. Off to bed it was for me!

  • Today:

Weighed myself. 5 lbs lighter. Feel out of sorts, and want to eat bacon, wings and my neighbors cat for breakfast. Will try to ease back in with a salad or something later.

Overall, I was able to successfully do three straight days without solid food! Not sure if I officially “detoxed”, but on paper, it looks like I may have. It’s a good start to the new year, and maybe I’ll watch what I eat for 2007.

Give it a shot, and see if you can honestly pass the challenge!!


As part of my New Years resolution to detox for a few weeks, I’m trying out Yapple’s “Juice Fast” for two days. I’m already craving pizza, so this is going to be tough. Will report back on Thursday about how this went.

yapplesjf - Yapple's Beach Cafe

12/20/2006 Update:

Here’s another picture of the place. One thing that I can totally appreciate about a new business in Hoboken is this “customer suggestion form.” It really shows that the owners give a crap about the people that pay their bills. They even have a response area to show what has been done. I rarely see this type of interaction with customers in town. A very refreshing change!

yapples interiorcs - Yapple's Beach Cafe
yapples feedback formcs - Yapple's Beach Cafe

11/26/2006 Update:
Strolled by here on my way to Joey’s BBQ (forgot camera). But Yapple’s opened up yesterday! Will have some updated pics tomorrow. Everyone working there was very friendly and seemed pleased to interact with the customers. A refreshing change to some of the less thrilled people working in the customer service industry. Had a wheatgrass shot (I swear by that stuff). Good to have a juice bar uptown.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


Spoke with the owners last week, and they hope to open up in a few weeks (you know how difficult it is to get the ball rolling in Hoboken). They seemed like a nice group of people, and were more than willing to share the progress of the new place, even though it was still in disarray.

They were finishing work on the interior, but most of the operation is in place. They have about 6 tanning rooms (5 regular beds, one stand-up, and they may put a spray tan machine in to replace a regular bed), three oxygen stations (with heavy duty massage chairs) and or course, a juice counter where you can get your smoothies and other fresh concoctions (including wheatgrass shots).

If you’d like to test their business before they open in Hoboken, you can stop by the Edgewater location on Old River Road.

Description – Tanning, Juice bar & Oxygen bar, Health Food.
Services – Tanning machines, Juice bar, fresh juices, smoothies, oxygen, health food, espresso & coffee drinks
Address – 938 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

yapples inside - Yapple's Beach Cafe
yapples bed - Yapple's Beach Cafe

Update: They are looking for "Smoothie Girls".

smoothie%20girls - Yapple's Beach Cafe

Now what exactly is a smoothie girl? Sounds a bit discriminatory. Do you have to touch them during the interview to make sure they are indeed smooth? Or are they going to be like Hooters Girls? or Shot Girls? That sure would be a reason to go.

thanks Xavier for the pic

(formerly the "Hoboken Beach Club")

Yappies%202 - Yapple's Beach Cafe

This time, with added oxygen.

The myths and rumors about pure oxygen treatments are well-circulated: it can clear
the mind to study, increase endurance, boost energy and lessen the effects of

I've never tried it, but if it really works as a cure for hangovers, they may be on to something! You be the judge of that.

Coming in May 2006.

938 Washington St.

For more info or to apply for a job call (201)840-7574.

hoboken%20beach%20club - Yapple's Beach Cafe

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Thursday, December 6, 2007 11:00 am

[quote comment=”56894″]VERY GOOD COFFEE SHOP IS NEEDED ON 10Th and WASHINGTON STREET :mrgreen:[/quote]
Maybe they could name it City Perk and you could hang out there with Ross and Rachel.

Thursday, December 6, 2007 10:37 am

[quote comment=”56894″]VERY GOOD COFFEE SHOP IS NEEDED ON 10Th and WASHINGTON STREET :mrgreen:[/quote]
Can’t beat or deny your enthusiasm. Do it!

Thursday, December 6, 2007 10:15 am


Tuesday, December 4, 2007 12:09 pm

Amazing location for a very good coffee shop. 💡

Sunday, December 2, 2007 10:31 am

I like Anthony Davids but it is more of a restuarant.
Secret Ingredient was up the block where the Thai place is now located. I think they closed because they had problems with the taxman, some other issues. They were there a long time. They did well enough. Coffee, teas, pasties, sandwiches and salads. More of a to-go place, with a few small tables. Very homey.
Foot traffic may be a bit better, but rents now are so much higher. I don’t know if a mom and pop place would make it.

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