Fastest Hoboken bartender contest


Five upcoming bar-events here in Hoboken to determine who’s the fastest bartender in town! The first event kicks off tonight at The Shannon (106 First Street).

Can you drink fast enough to keep up?

fastest-bartender-contest-hoboken-nj-logoOn Tuesday October 6th The Shannon will host the first in a series of contests to find the fastest bartender in Hoboken. The Fastest Bartender Contest has been conducting contests throughout the Mid-Atlantic since 1980 and they’ll be conducting contests in Hoboken throughout this month. These exciting contests pit bartender against bartender in front of loud enthusiastic crowds. With fans cheering, music thumping, and beverages flowing faster than seemingly possible, the event is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a bar.

It’s about more than finding the fastest bartenders in town and having a great time though. The participating bars and great fans who turn out to show their support help the Fastest Bartender Contest raise money for a great cause. These Hoboken Fastest Bartender Contests will be raising money for the Hoboken YMCA. Billy Reilly, the “Commissioner” of Fastest Bartender Contest said, “The Hoboken YMCA has been serving seniors, handicapped, disabled, youth and teens for 80 years. The facility needs work so they can continue doing good and we’re pleased to be supporting their efforts”. The manager of The Shannon says, “Supporting our local community is important to us. I think this is a great way for the bars to come together for a good cause and a great time.”

In all there will be four qualifying rounds leading up to the finals on October 27th back where it gets kicked off, at the The Shannon. Here’s the contest schedule:

  • Oct 6th Tue 8 pm The Shannon – Qualifying Round
  • Oct 13th Tue 8 pm Willie McBrides – Qualifying Round
  • Oct 19th Mon 8 pm Texas Arizona – Qualifying Round
  • Oct 20th Tue 8 pm Oddfellows – Qualifying Round
  • Oct 27th Tue 8 pm The Shannon – The Finals

For more information about the Fastest Bartender Contest visit their Website:
For more information on the Hoboken YMCA visit their Website:

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About Fastest Bartender

Since 1980 Washington DC based Fastest Bartender Contest has held contests to settle any doubt about who the fastest bartender in town was. Over nearly three decades the contest has grown far beyond the DC area having a positive affect on thousands of people as well as dozens of good causes and independent restaurants. Past contestants have returned over the years to show their support for new contestants and many restaurants host contests annually adding to the prestige of the Fastest Bartender title and helping to raise more money for great causes.

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