28th Annual Hoboken Artists Studio Tour

10/16/2009 Update:

Hopefully the weather clears up in time for the 28th Annual Hoboken Artists Studio Tour on Sunday, October 18th!


Some Featured Artists…

Here’s a sampling of a few artists and locations that you can visit during your walk around Hoboken.


[slider Group=A title=”Craig Wallace Dale: The Logo Project Returns“]
Craig Wallace Dale: The Logo Project Returns


Free Portraits This Sunday.

Local artist Craig Wallace Dale will once again make FREE PORTRAITS for his work “The Logo Project” during this Sunday’s Hoboken Artist’s Open Studio Tour. Dale began the project last year in Hoboken and has since performed it at the T.A. Wood Gallery in Montpelier, Vermont and at the Renaissance Center in Nashville, Tennessee. “The response at all of the events has been phenomenal,” Dale notes, “to date I’ve added almost two hundred portraits and interviews to the project.”

A noted portrait photographer, Dale will make a free portrait for anyone wearing clothing with a predominant brand logo. This is a unique opportunity to get a free portrait by a photographer whose work has been seen in The New York Times, Barrons, People, Voyaging, Ladies’ Home Journal and others.

“I am fascinated by our celebration of logos like Tommy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Juicy, Hollister, FUBU, and Sean John. How those choices are made and the meaning that we place upon them is the subject of this ongoing work.”

Everyone is welcome and anyone wearing logo clothing is eligible for a free portrait after answering a few simple questions. No appointment is necessary, portraits will be made on a first come first served basis from Noon to 6pm. The studio is located in the Monroe Center for the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, #E-501B. For further information please email cwd@craigdale.com or call 201-681-8400.
[slider Group=A title=”Tim Heins: Realist Artist“]
Tim Heins: Realist Artist

Head over to the Neumann Leathers building along Newark Street to see Tim Heins – have a few beers. Maybe you can even give him some Hobotown suggestions – since he hasn’t submitted one in a while!
[slider Group=A title=”Michelle Doll: Fantastic Painter“]
Michelle Doll: Fantastic Painter

One of my favorite artists in the whole tour is Michelle Doll. She’s also at the Neumann Leathers building – and somehow captures some great “essence” in her paintings – they feel real to me when I look at them….
[slider Group=A title=”Uptown: Mackey Blue“]
Uptown: Mackey Blue

A lot of the action may be downtown at the Neumann Leathers building, as well as on the westside at the Monroe Center – but don’t forget about places such as MackeyBlue (12th and Washington) – who will also be featuring artists as part of the tour!

For all those that are out and about on Sunday – Have a great day!


Walk the city, see some art, have some wine

In case you’re bummed you missed the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour recently – or just restrict your love for local artists to Hoboken only – mark your calendars for the 28th Annual Hoboken Artists Studio Tour on Sunday, October 18th, 2009.

Hope the weather holds out!

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