Rosario`s Pizza

8/4/2010 Update:

Rosario’s Pizza quite a hit in uptown Hoboken!

You realize time flies – when you haven’t been to one of your favorite Hoboken pizza places in years.

With all these upcoming pizza joints (Dozzino in midtown – and the old Ted & Jo’s place getting renovated), I felt it was time to revisit some of the old standbys.

Rosario’s Pizza, located at 1132 Willow Ave. (201-418-8717) went through an interior renovation – as well as updated their sidewalks (in the past year or so). And customers seem to have noticed. The restaurant was much more crowded than I ever recalled – which is good news for local businesses in town!

I’ve provided some quick updated photos below – and since the last review was four years ago, a new review will be coming shortly. But I wanted to ask…

Are you a regular customer at Rosario’s? If so – what is your favorite dish, so I can try it out for myself?

Description: Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant – SEE MENU HERE
Services: Italian Cuisine – Pizza, Appetizers, Hot and Cold Heros, Subs, Soups, salads, Pasta, Seafood, Calzone. Delivery, Catering, Dine In
Address: 1132 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-418-8717

See quick lunch review from 2006 (gasp!), after the jump!

rosarios pizza - Rosario`s Pizza

September 2006 Review of Rosarios Pizza

A quick lunch was in order, so we picked Rosario’s since we hadn’t been there in a while.

Rosario’s is a simple italian pizzeria/eatery, with about six tables and a few seats at the counter. Of course they offer delivery as well.
rosarios inside - Rosario`s Pizza

Today we’re going to sample their slices and a couple main courses.

The plain slices are pretty decent. Nice thin crust, the sauce has a decent “tang” to it. A bit on the oily side, but slightly above average for Hoboken.
rosarios slice - Rosario`s Pizza

Then they brought out a loaf of bread. This was obviously not your usual italian bread. They baked it there, but it was more like a regular white bread. Wasn’t spectacular, but useful for dipping a bit in your sauce.

rosarios bread - Rosario`s Pizza

Our dishes came out next. We ordered a standard Chicken Parm, and an Eggplant Rollentine.

The chicken dish, while the portion was very large, was disappointing. They use slicing mozz, which didn’t have the most flavor. The chicken was bland as well, and the sauce was too watery. I had to spice it up quite a bit to make it more appealing. The penne I got with it was cooked al dente and was adequate. But sort of useless without a good sauce.
rosarios chick parm - Rosario`s Pizza

My friends Eggplant dish was much better. That actually had flavor, along with the ricotta cheese and spinach. Although, the spinach was a bit soggy and wet. But a much better choice than the Chicken.

rosarios eggplant rollantine 2 - Rosario`s Pizza

Rosario’s is a good reliable place for a decent pizza. Based on the dish I had, I’d be reluctant to recommend anything else. I will get back to try other choices on their menu in the coming months.

Has anyone else tried the other dishes they serve? Any suggestions?

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I eat there about once a week. I like olives and mushroos on the pizza. I also like their salad, usually with either squid or grilled chicken on top. The thin-sliced onions on the salad are perfect with blue cheese.


The best by far is the Venezia pizza (may be my favorite in Hoboken). It has prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and artichokes. Such a good flavor combination.

It reminds me of a toned-down version of Delfino’s Ultimate pizza (ham, artichokes, capers, mushrooms, olives), which is also a favorite of mine.


Hey everyone! I have been eating at Rosario’s for almost 10 years now.

I feel at home when i walk in this place. There food gets better and better every time I go in! I never have a complaint! Their service is to die for! The Rosario’s Boys always have a smile on their faces! Great family..

Thank you For treating me like family Rosario’s! I will always love you!


I’m a huge fan of their Triple Fiesta — it’s very similar to Penne Vodka, but with chicken, shrimp and veal. YUM. 😀


The Triple Fiesta is one of my Rosario favorites as well.[quote comment=”120921″]I’m a huge fan of their Triple Fiesta — it’s very similar to Penne Vodka, but with chicken, shrimp and veal. YUM. [/quote]


Thanks for the reminder! Now I have an idea for tonight’s dinner. I’ll order “the usual”:

Chicken parm sandwich.
Chef Salad (for one) with house dressing.
Buffalo wings (Hot).

I’ll swing by and pick that up on my way back into town from Christmas shopping. :mrgreen: