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Because this was on top of a previous business, this thread has been closed, and the new Hoboken Melting Pot entry has been created. Post your comments about Melting Pot there.

2/12/2007 Update:

Just wanted to re-iterate that the owners did confirm that they’ve signed a lease and anticipate opening sometime in the mid to late summer (July or August).

If you’d like to find out more, here’s the “official” email address where one can contact the owner, Soni Patel: sonisoni712@yahoo.com.

1/4/2007 Update:

Seems as if the First Street Bar & Grill should be in the doomed category.

melting-pot-2.jpg“The Melting Pot”, a fancy fondue-based restaurant franchise (originating from Florida) has been confirmed to be coming to Hoboken and possibly taking it’s place. They currently have over 70 locations across the U.S., with NJ locations in Red Bank, Somerville, Westwood, Whippany and soon in Atlantic City. Any of you Philly fans been to the one on Filbert Street?

Here’s a link to their SAMPLE MENU (actually looks excellent – they even have “fruity” wines) along with a little extract from their website below. Have no idea when they expect to open. I already have a call in with them, but if any of you feel like inquiring, or want to beat me to the punch, you can do so by calling their franchise headquarters listed below. Maybe one of you can call them on your next coffee break? I’m on the road for the next several hours.

melting-pot.jpgHours are 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Eastern.

8810 Twin Lakes Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33614
(800) 783-0867

From their website:

The first Melting Pot restaurant was started in Maitland, Florida in 1975 with a menu that consisted of just three items: Beef fondue, Swiss cheese fondue and milk chocolate fondue for dessert. Since then, The Melting Pot menu has grown immensely, as well as the number of restaurants. For example, within six years, there were five more Melting Pot restaurants in Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa and Gainesville. At latest count, there are 70 restaurants in locations all across the nation. What’s more, new restaurants are being developed in new areas every day.

Read more about fondue, along with the place it’s replacing below.

Now that you know a little about the Melting Pot’s history, here’s a little history lesson on fondue. It actually originated in Switzerland as a clever and tasty way of using up hardened cheese. Fondue is derived from the French verb fondre and means “to melt.” While most people define fondue as a “thick cheese sauce in which bread chunks are dipped,” the Melting Pot takes it to a whole new level.

Here fondue becomes a memorable four-course dining experience, where you can really dip into something different. Enjoy a choice of four flavorful fondue cooking styles and a variety of tasty entrees, including tender beef, boneless breast of chicken, duck, lobster, shrimp, scallops, salmon and much more. All are available in many different combinations with a variety of special dipping sauces. Cheese fondues can be ordered separately and are included with the purchase of any combination dinner. Along with every entrée, you’ll get breads, savory vegetables, and even a choice of three different fresh salads. As if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, you’ll also love the Melting Pot’s wide selection of creamy, mouth-watering chocolate fondue desserts. In addition to the Melting Pot’s ever expanding fondue menu, there’s also a growing list of fine wines. So come, relax and dip into an exciting new experience at the Melting Pot.

11/13/2006 Update:

So the brown paper is up, and signs indicating that they’re “remodeling, again”. Not sure why, or if ownership has changed hands, but it’s probably a good idea they re-model. I never felt good in this place. It’d be nice if they took a poll of customers to ask what would make them frequent the place more often and for other tips and suggestions. Maybe they’ll listen to 411’s original suggestion of re-designing the bar area. It’d also be cool if they could film a season of the “Hell’s Kitchen” reality show there. It’d surely look better then.

Carl: Thanks for the pic!


First Street Bar & Grill


Description – American bar & grill. Casual dining. 50 seat full bar (not at the bar, but also at tables surrounding it), wine menu, Entree price range Lunch $7-$10+ , Dinner $10 -$14+. Parkside/Riverside location and convenient to the Path station.
Services – Brunch(Sat & Sun), Lunch, Dinner, American cuisine – Sandwiches, burger, pizza, salads, pasta. Take Out, Delivery, Catering
Address – 100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 876-8600, Fax – (201) 876-0880

first st bar and grill latest sign april 14.JPG

June 2006

This week we'll be featuring quick "bullet-style" summary reviews because we write like crap sometimes.


  • Nice to be near Pier A
  • Inside was OK, but nothing to write home to Mom about.

Waitstaff service/Accuracy:

  • Friendly but on the slow side
  • Food came as ordered, no mistakes

Appetizer- Smoky Chipotle BBQ buffalo wings($7.95):

  • Decent, but nowhere near "Hot".
  • 8 wings per portion
  • A bit overpriced, no? A buck a wing?
  • What, no celery and carrots?

Turkey Burger ($8.95 – additional toppings $1.00 each)

  • Burger was lean enough, but was a bit salty and didn't taste like advertised (i.e., where's the cilantro?)
  • Herbed fries were just ok.
  • But was filling enough to leave you satisfied

BBQ Rotisserie Chicken ($8.95 small portion)

  • Decent BBQ flavor, well prepared.
  • Macaroni and cheese not bad, could have more of that "baked taste".

Teriyaki Salmon ($16.95)

  • Very good. Crispy and flavorful
  • Mashed potatoes creamy and smooth
  • Veggies overall (previous meal too) were prepared as you'd expect.

BBQ Pizza ($8.50)

  • Chicken was good. Satisfying BBQ taste.
  • Cheese left a lot to be desired. People expect more in Hoboken for that cost.

Overall we had a pretty decent experience at First Street Bar and Grill. They most certainly have room for improvement, and we hope they'll be receptive to suggestions.

Additionally, their menu items do look pretty interesting for brunch, so we'll be back soon to give it a shot.

Back on 4/16 They opened up for a brief while.. see our intial observations below…

We spoke with Jamie Meiers today as he was putting some the finishing touches on the re-vamped location which was previously known as "Wolfgang Puck Express".

Provided they get fire-code approval for some of the construction material they used, the new place titled "First Street Bar & Grill" will open with limited fanfare on Wednesday, April 12th. Otherwise, they may be in for a rather lengthy delay as they might have to tear down and re-build a small section on the right side.

This newly titled, yet similarly decorated location has cut their franchise ties with Mr. Puck. "Puck him" they must have said. As I mentioned in my original diagnosis, I bet that name doesn't carry much marketing punch anymore. His pizzas don't even sell well in the frozen food aisle of Target. In fact, the set of Wolfgang Puck stainless steel pots and pans I got free from The Borgata a few months ago, pretty much suck.

The re-designed place does look a little different; with a brand new bar addition and a partition to separate the bar area from the rest of the restaurant. I didn't have much time to speak with Mr. Meiers (who also runs The Cup Joint at 732 Jefferson St) but he indicated that the menu will still have diverse items, and a full dinner selection. From what I recall, the lunch menu will be a bit more limited.

In addition to the quiet re-opening, Mr. Meiers indicated that this bar will sponsor a charity drive for the Boy and Girls club sometime in the upcoming weeks. Please contact him if you'd like more information regarding that.

We wish him luck and hope that the new version (which should be a no-brainer success considering the location) will succeed. We'll try it out this week (if) when they open.


How do you screw up a great real estate location like that? I guess his fruity name "doesn't ring a bell" anymore. I bet a generic name for the place, like "Tasty Grub", or "Burgers and Fries" would have kept him in business. That place felt like a cafeteria. Heard he got into a fight with an Italian Ice cart last summer. I guess that knocked him out of business.

Description – Parkside/Riverside location.
Address –
100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030

Wolfgang puck express.JPG

Had a few drinks there Friday the 14th… Quick observations:

  1. The place still felt like a cafeteria. Too bright (didn't have flash on camera) Not a real "bar feel". Menu looked ok though.
  2. The plasma was good for watching baseball after a hot day in the park perhaps.
  3. The bar wasn't that big. 14 people max.
  4. They should have not only put a bar in, but a bar that wraps around too (along the windows). Makes "people watching" more fun.
  5. Sesame snacks.

1st st grill inside.JPG 1st st grill snacks.JPG

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Danzig – I’m referring to your Jan 5 post (#93) – I think we’ve been to the fondue place you’re talking about in Montmartre. Is it the place where you have to walk over the table to get out and where they serve you wine in baby bottles? It’s run by grumpy Parisians. A place like that in Hoboken would be fun.


I went to the Melting Pot in Red Bank this weekend. It was great. I can’t wait until Hoboken is open. You guys are missing out. Try it.


if they think they are aiming for summer then can i suggest that they skip that optimistic (unrealistic) thinking and go ahead and order the turkey nuggets for a T-giving fondue opening… or maybe their location/ landlord will give them added momentum for actually opening in the summer ?!?


I’m still excited. Don’t worry Melting Pot, I’ll be there regardless of what everyone else says.


Looks cheesy to me :mrgreen: