Kimberly Glatt Makes Her Case

10/7/2009 Update:

“Bring leadership & integrity back to Hoboken”

Former Municipal Judge Kimberly Glatt formally announced her candidacy to a group of onlookers and supporters last night at her campaign headquarters at 536 Washington Street.

A modest crowd of approximately 50 people gathered to witness potential history in the making. Glatt provided pre-speech treats, such as pizza, hot dogs, cake and beverages for attendees, plus balloon sculptures for the kids. Notably absent were any high-profile political figures (other than former Business Administrator Dick England and some city hall employees).

Kim’s speech was brief and to the point, however, music from the nearby It’s Greek to Me restaurant made it a bit difficult to hear the under-powered speaker podium at the start. Additionally, Washington Street traffic & buses, plus kids running around popping balloons while she spoke, gave the new found politician some rookie lessons for next time. See her full press release here, plus video below.



Here come da judge, but will she rule?

Peter Cammarano went from polling in single digits to winning a Mayoral election in less than six months. Kimberly Glatt is hoping she can do the same in less than six weeks.

Hoboken’s former Municipal Judge now has a website up for her Mayoral run. For now it’s only one page, but that will likely change once Glatt’s campaign strategists hammer out a message for a candidate who – by law – has stayed out of political debates for the last fourteen years.

kimberly glatt judge hoboken nj mayoral candidate - Kimberly Glatt Makes Her Case

Always there, but with no public positions on the issues

Some see Glatt’s lack of political track record as a minus, because nobody is quite sure of what she stands for outside of the courtroom. Some of her handlers see it is a perfect situation because she has no record of positions to run against. Glatt will be able to say whatever she wants (or whatever polls strongest for her) once she begins to engage the public. For now, her campaign is an insider’s game where she is trying to line up much of the support that Cammarano and his predecessor Dave Roberts enjoyed.

Who is Kimberly Glatt?

If you haven’t been to court, weren’t raised in Hoboken, or aren’t lucky enough to live in the W you may not know. Here’s how Glatt chose to introduce herself on her website:

“I am a lifelong Hoboken resident. I attended Stevens Academy and J.F. Brandt Middle School before graduating from St. Dominic Academy, a high school for girls, in Jersey City. After graduating from Douglass College at Rutgers University and receiving my law degree from New York Law School, I returned home to Hoboken. I worked as an attorney in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office for two years before co-founding a private law practice in Hoboken. I successfully managed my law practice until I was appointed Hoboken’s first female presiding municipal judge in 1995.”

Let’s stop here for a second to note that Ms. Glatt chose not to mention she was appointed by Former Mayor Anthony Russo, who previously hired Glatt as a babysitter for his children (not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is an interesting Hoboken anecdote). Glatt also doesn’t mention she was re-appointed by Former Mayor David Roberts, who is believed to be one of the people who encouraged her to run in this special election.

With Cammarano out, Glatt had uncertain future

The Mayor nominates a judge and the City Council gives its consent to the appointment. Glatt’s latest term of office would have been up in the middle of next year, and while there was reason to believe Cammarano would have moved to reappoint her, her future as a judge was more uncertain in the hands of Dawn Zimmer or Beth Mason.

“After serving 14 years as Hoboken’s judge, I resigned in September 2009 to run for Mayor of Hoboken. I made this decision because I’m concerned about our City’s future – and I know we share many of the same concerns. Taxes have soared and our City has lost its direction because political infighting has brought our government to a standstill.”

Here Glatt seems to allude to the case made by Cammarano and Roberts that the 47% tax increase was the fault of a council that led the city into state supervision. Glatt then plays the Judge Card:

“I have always believed that if you want change, you need to take decisive action. As your Mayor that is exactly what I will do. As Hoboken’s Mayor, I will apply the leadership approach as when I was Hoboken’s judge: I will look at the facts and make a decision. I will work hard to change the tone and manner in which government functions in City Hall. It is my goal to work cooperatively with every member of the City Council to put politics aside and make forward progress on Hoboken’s real problems.”

But what are those problems, and how would Judge Glatt approach them? There are no issues and answers on her website, just the introductory letter. Glatt has fans among Hoboken People, but will her message resonate with New Hoboken? Does it have to? We’ll see in the coming weeks if Glatt even feels the need to appeal to newcomers, or will just focus on getting as much of the Cammarano/Roberts base as she can in this winner-take-all, no-majority-necessary battle.

While we wait for Glatt to engage the media with her ideas and opinions, feel free to comment below about her candidacy.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009 9:44 am

Anyone read Glatt’s comments in the Hoboken Reporter?

She mentions how the council failed the city by not adopting a budget, sending taxes up 47%.

It was Mayor Roberts responsibility to submit a viable budget in a timely fashion, and how long did it take? 11 months into the fiscal year? And it was under funded by 12 million… but it’s the council’s fault. Uh yeah, suuuuure.

I can’t wait to not vote for her.

Sunday, October 11, 2009 9:06 am

David – It seems to me that you go to court frequently. Of course, you have the right to your opinion and vote. I personally think that Glatt, Mason, Raia and acting mayor Zimmer all have the potential to be a good mayor. I feel that the public will make up thier minds from their own reasoning.

Saturday, October 10, 2009 12:15 pm

The mayor with the help of the BA, and other professional(s) prepares the budget. Right now Judy Tripodi, is preparing the budget with the help of another former state bureaucrat Nick Trasenti. She is the de-facto BA. Our new mayor, whomever it is, has to hire a pro as BA. The new mayor does not to be a financial whiz kid, just have the courage to be honest, make prudent decisions and to represent the public. Glatt, Raia, Zimmer and Mason all seem to have the potential to be a good mayor. It is up to the public to decide. Do they want one of the incumbent councilpersons as mayor or do they want a new look?

Saturday, October 10, 2009 11:33 am

A little drinking can be good for you. lol

Reply to  realstuff
Saturday, October 10, 2009 11:39 am


In response to realstuff who said:

A little drinking can be good for you. lol

Saturday, October 10, 2009 10:53 am

Raia has beaten Glatt with his website – – Glatt still working on the rest. Mason loves the mailings. Zimmer giving out shirts and Waiter’s rumored to drop out. Where are Brinkman and Wilson going?

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