Great idea: Backup USB chargers


Yesterday, we found out about a reader who got screwed using one of those new payphones when his cell phone died, getting hosed for close to 60 bucks for a few local calls!

Well, I’m here to tell you about a way to prevent that from happening!

Duracell Instant Chargers

duracell-instant-charger-new-packagingMany phones these days charge via USB port to your computer or power adapter. While buying spare batteries for your devices might be a good idea at times, you can never be sure that battery sizes remain consistent as you upgrade/replace your models.

Bring in the Duracell Instant Chargers.

I picked up the latest in the line of portable USB chargers from Duracell recently – and it’s a perfect solution for “power on the go.” The Instant Charger allows you to instantly charge any USB-compatible device, such as your cell phone, iPhone, iPod, or BlackBerry. And, the Duracell Instant Charger conveniently charges through your laptop or computer’s USB port. It also fits any miniUSB powered device as well.

Get many extra hours of talk time on your phone – and up to 50 hours extra music playback!

Cost is about $25 from (and is usually cheaper than a spare battery for your phone.)


duracell-instant-charger-other-modelsYou can also get the previous model charger – which is just slightly less powerful, but equally useful for about $19. The demand for the new model is quite strong at the moment.

They also make super-deluxe models that are even stronger ($40) – and can even charge more than one device at a time. Great for absent minded love-birds that constantly have dying phones, or if you want to charge your mp3 player and phone simultaneously.

Lastly – a “micro sized” model is also available – with less power than all of them, but in the most compact of sizes. “For the discriminating geek.”

Overall – a great way to never be caught without power – and avoid getting scammed by crooked payphone operators!

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I use this one. It works really well.