Stacks Pancake House

Stacks Grand Opening Celebration + initial review

1/26/2010 Update:

Stacks Hoboken NJ Grand Opening Celebration January 26 2010 - Stacks Pancake HouseIn case you haven’t visited the new Stacks Pancake House (506 Washington) yet, you might want to swing by tonight!

They’re having their “official” grand opening celebration starting at 6:30pm tonight, where you can hob-nob with city officials, Stacks owners, and other curious residents and hungry bystanders.

Along with a Dave Roberts style ribbon cutting and champagne toast, the kitchen will be super-busy pumping out tons of free samples for you to try.

The nearest parking garage is at 3rd and Hudson Streets, and the event runs until around 9pm.

How’s the food and service so far?

I visited Stacks a couple times right after they opened, and tried my usual items along with some dishes I’d normally never order. As far as the aesthetics of the restaurant, I believe they did the best they could, considering the size and layout. Personally, I prefer cushy booth (“diner”) seating, but that wouldn’t be possible in this instance. Seating was comfortable and well made, so I had no real complaints.

Pretty good right off the line!

In my usual “bullet style” format – I present you with my initial opinion of the dishes we tried at Stacks:

  • Pancakes: I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a pancake fan. I’m a waffle guy – just prefer the texture. However, I tried the banana chocolate chip pancakes, along with the plain silver dollars, and the flavor made me re-think my long-standing feelings towards pancakes. I still will always order waffles, but the way they stuffed the pancakes with the fruit and other toppings was quite good.
  • Waffles: At first, I was highly disappointed, because the dish came out ice-cold. However, they apologized, and brought out a piping hot replacement within minutes. The waffle was delicious (keep in mind this is coming from a waffle-fanatic who loves all waffles, even Eggo).
  • Bacon Cheeseburger: My golden rule for reviewing most restaurants is “try the burger – if they screw that simple item up, etc…” and the first time I tried the bacon cheeseburger (which is TWO patties – enormous), I thought it was barely a step above regular diner burgers. Average at best. I told the owners this, and they tried one themselves, and actually agreed. So they immediately switched from pre-made patties to making them fresh themselves. I tried it again a week later, with a marked improvement. Is it the best burger in town? Nope, but definitely much better than the other diners, and a reliable option for the late-night munchies on weekends. Hey, they’re a pancake place!
  • Other items: A few other dishes we tasted were the Eggs Benedict “decent, but wish they had different Canadian bacon”; the Pancake Wrap “Massive, interesting, enough to feed TWO people – a novel concept”; Grilled Cheese Sandwich “pretty well done with gobs of cheese, too bad I didn’t order bacon on it. They should use more butter on the bread – we like it greasier”; French Fries “pretty basic fries, something reminds me of the boardwalk?”

Overall, one of the most important aspects for any restaurant or business for that matter – is customer service. The owners of Stacks strive to make their customers happy. And if you’re not satisfied, they will make amends without hesitation. That goes a long way in my opinion. While they work out the kinks with the menu and staff, they’ve been more than accommodating, and are already improving some of the dishes that may have been a little sub-par. I haven’t tried delivery yet, or their 24 hour days (Friday and Saturday nights) – so expect a followup update sometime soon.

What have your experiences been like at Stacks? With lines out the door, it seems like they’re doing something right in Hoboken!

See MENUS and previous updates after the jump!

Stacks 24 hour weekend hours start today!

1/15/2010 Update:

Hoboken finally gets another all night food option as tonight the first night that Stacks (everyone’s favorite pancake spot) will be open 24 hours.

Moving forward I have confirmed that they’ll be open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays for 24 hours. See everyone there tomorrow night for a late night snack after we hit the bars! And just in case you are wondering, I have also confirmed that the FULL MENU will be available all night along with some late night specialties…. Well great, I am already hungry… see you there!

Rise and Shine, Hoboken – Stacks open today!

12/11/2009 Update:

At precisely 6:00amStacks Pancake House will finally be open. Please head on over and give ’em a taste! I was supposed to sample it yesterday, but my schedule got the best of me. But I was able to snap a shot of the interior, so pick your favorite seat now! (24 hour weekends starts next week)

Oh – here’s the Kids Menu and Late Night Menu to peruse as well!

Will report back later this weekend or next week with a taste report!

stacks pancake house hoboken nj open december 11 2009 - Stacks Pancake House

Stacks Pancake House Menu Preview

12/4/2009 Update:

Check out the upcoming Stacks Pancake House menu here!

Seems like the prices are fair, and the selection is diverse. Can’t wait to try it!

stacks pancake house hoboken nj menu - Stacks Pancake House

Stacks coming in December!

The signage is up, and the anticipation is building for Hoboken’s only Pancake House: Stacks!

More to come later, but news is that they’ll be open 24 hours Thursday through Saturday – and will even be able to deliver 24 hours during those days as well!

stacks pancake house hoboken nj exterior sign - Stacks Pancake House
stacks pancake house hoboken nj interior sign - Stacks Pancake House


A fun new diner / restaurant / pancake house is filling a decent void here in Hoboken soon!

stacks at hoboken nj pancake house diner washington street - Stacks Pancake House

Stacks @ Hoboken – Gobs of Pancakes and more!

Taking the place of Junior’s Papaya, will be “Stacks @ Hoboken,” a new eatery that focuses on the much neglected pancakes in town.

Co-owner Andrew took a few minutes yesterday to give me a quick preview of what’s coming:

  • Pancakes will be the main attraction: up to 25 different varieties. Plus Waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, and other breakfast items.
  • Also on the menu will be a selection of standard fare, such as burgers, chicken fingers, sliders and more. Even some healthy stuff (egg white wraps, fruit, etc.)
  • Interior will be re-arranged (and visually improved) a bit, with more room for diners. Between 50-60 capacity inside, plus outdoors next spring.
  • Early openings (6am) for the breakfast lovers, and late night hours Thurs., Fri. and Sat. (quite possibly even 24 hours!)

Here’s the last remaining shots of what the old establishment looked like – expect a nice transformation, and an opening either late October or early November. More to come!

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Monday, July 8, 2013 12:35 pm

I don’t think they could cut it on Pancakes alone. I heard this one is closing up soon too. The owners liquidated all their restaurants to concentrate on real estate.

Saturday, June 11, 2011 12:10 pm

I love pancakes and tried the new stacks in Paramus , N.J.. Well compared to the ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSE in Fairfield Stacks does not even stack up. We both ordered the bacon and tomato omelette. There was no creativity put into the platter, huge chunks of raw tomato folded in with undone low quality fatty bacon, the pancakes tasted like a boxed mixture. The home fries we had to send back no appeal, they seemed pre cooked deep fried and frozen then thrown in a frying pan to sautee (the waiter said they were sauteed). The ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSE blows away Stacks, the bacon at Original is Applewood Smoked done fresh and perfect, the pancakes have flavor, the varieties are endless, the home fries are to die for, unless Stacks gets more creative, uses better ingredients with their dishes and put some extra in their meals I would say they will have trouble competing with the diners.
STACKS in my opinion to survive has to produce a meal above the rest, visit an Original Pancake House and see the difference, we just came back from Las Vegas and visited an Original there and the food quality was the same excellent.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 10:12 pm

i love this place! i have breakfast here every chance i get. lines can get long but its so worth the wait . the food is consistently good and the service is great. its not that new anymore and every time i go there its still pretty busy so obviously they are doing something right . Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010 10:20 am

I’ve eaten in 3 times and was very pleased with the service. I’ve taken out once, also yummy, but the walk in the cold cooled off the food too much and some things should not be reheated, not their problem, just what happened.

The place is by my definition very toddler friendly. My definition of toddler friendly is as follows.

1. Bathroom has a changing table.
2. There are foods on the menu my toddler will eat.
3. The staff can accommodate us without causing a disruption for others.

First time with the baby was Hoboken’s fake St. Pat’s day. We shared green french toast and green eggs. very yummy. They gave me a little plastic cup of cherios for the baby while I looked at the menu.

A few weekends ago it was me, baby, and my parents. Once again great service and food. The baby loves the corn bread they put out on the tables.

Last night once again no complaints and I noticed a nice feature to the receipt. They let you know what a 15%, 18%, and 20% tip is. I had already done the math in my head but it was nice to have quick way to check it.

Sunday, February 28, 2010 4:46 pm

This morning I had the best pancakes in Hoboken, 227 Adams..
3 Fluffy pancakes, 3 breakfeast sausages, tall glass of cold OJ and a piping hot cup of 100% Columbian coffee….
No lines, no waiting, no tips and all for about one dollar..!
Ate in the comfort of my own apt…
How easy it was…!
I would never pay those high prices for pancakes, etc….!
Good Luck Stacks, your gonna’ need it..!

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