Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 9/29/2009


Morning Quick Notes


Have a couple quick announcements for you all this morning…

Hoboken411 SPAM alert level raised

With the political chatter ramping up each week as we approach this November’s Mayoral (and NJ Gubernatorial) elections – the tolerance for comment spam is going down. Any user spamming the site wildly across multiple posts will be removed. I’ve had a couple in the last day who were posting the same comment over and over, and will not allow that. Stick to the topic, and stay relevant.

Reader Mail Morning

A bunch of reader emails scheduled for this morning. What might your neighbors be saying about Hoboken?

Is something in the water?

Not sure what’s going on these days – but I suspect that there may toxins seeping in our water supply! First, a Realtor swims a bit too far in the deep-end regarding comments posted about his business here in Hoboken, then earlier this morning – another very odd email comes in.

The person that recommended that I give some props to Marvel Comic Book Artist Reilly Brown for this past weekend’s Arts & Music Festival was UPSET about the visual I used for the post. What? I happily promoted the artist, recommended everyone visit his booth and say hello – and included his own image and artwork! What is he so upset about? Perhaps he should be mad that Reilly drew that nice image of a voluptuous cartoon hero… not Hoboken411!
What has happened to America?

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Can’t say I blame the guy for being upset.


Sorry. Meant to read “Common sense, anyone?”


Common sense?