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Pizzeria & Restaurant

Description – Pizzeria & Restaurant.
Services –
Italian Cuisine – Pizza, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Dinners. Delivery( Min $6, $1 from 11am-4pm, Free Delivery after 4pm)
Address –
742 Garden St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4004
Telephone –
(201) 659-0808

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October 2006

As a follow up for the quick slices we had back in April (see below for that review), we figured we’d test Mario’s pizza delivery on this rainy and chilly October night.

For starters, ordering the pizza over the phone was a pleasant process. He seemed to have understood exactly what I wanted, clarified my address, and repeated the order back to me. He also said he’d call me back when they’re on their way. They don’t do that too often. As a result, I expected my order to come through without any errors. There seems to be some kind of minor takeout mistake about 5% of the time in Hoboken (recent case was Philly’s Cheesesteaks botching an order on football Sunday).

I decide to order a pie exactly like the two slices I sampled in the previous review. 1/2 chicken, 1/2 vegetable.

Delivery time from completion of call: 0:42. Not bad.

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? But the veggie side was not at all as I expected compared to the vegetable slice that was eaten at the restaurant. For one, the vegetables were NOT nice and finely chopped, which made for more difficult eating. It also had spinach, mushrooms and broccoli on it, which I didn’t want. Not that I don’t like them, just not on my pizza. Very disappointed. They could have clarified. The chicken side was decent, and I do tend to like Mario’s cheese. It has a bit more of a creamier, richer taste than other places.

mariosripoff.jpgBut the cost for pie was $26.70 (plus tip)!!! Since when does a pizza cost THIRTY FUCKING DOLLARS? What the hell? I asked for extra sauce on the side, which most (not all) places give you a couple at no charge. $1.00 extra for 4 ounces of sauce. Horrible. For $30 bucks, I better get some celebrity chef pizza or filet mignon or something! Rip-off.

In the end, it wasn’t as tasty as I’d hoped it to be. Additionally, since I’m only 5 or 6 blocks from there, the pie was not hot as expected, but lukewarm instead.

My anticipation was great, and my letdown was even greater. Maybe if I decide to order from them again, it’ll be either just slices there, or a plain pizza. This was not worth the money by any means whatsoever. Am I wrong? Is it just me? Is this typical for a pizza configured like this? Let me know, because I can’t remember it being this much. But I could be mistaken.

Back in April, I had mentioned that I was going to order from Mario’s more often. Maybe there’s a reason why I hadn’t ordered in the past 6 months. I will be reluctant to put Mario’s on my speed dial for the rest of the football pizza season.

4/13/06 Review:

After yet another long and grueling day, it was time for a "quick snack" (as some of us call dinner, because we don't want to indicate that we will be eating too much or for too long).

Having tried Mr. Wraps earlier across the street (and boy was it good), twice in one day just isn't smart, especially when you're supposed to be reviewing businesses, so it was off to Mario's.

As always, the interior of Mario's seems to always be buzzing with good energy. The neon signs behind the counter, the prominently presented food, and the active staff made for a rather comforting stay. It felt warm. Phones ringing, people talking, baseball game on… Nothing to complain about.

marios pizza 2 with help.JPG

We ordered something simple, just a couple various slices and some soda. They also sell alcohol in case you're interested. Bottled and tap beer. And don't forget they have a whole menu of other things, cutlet entrees, bruschetta, wings, and more.. again, this was "quick".

I had a chicken cutlet slice and a mixed vegetable slice. I also requested a little side of sauce to dip my crust in.marios pizza slices with chicken and veggies.JPG

I started with the veggie slice, because I wanted to compare it with the veggie slice I get at Molfetta (transation: AM Nausea) because that's the only good slice they sell.

I have to say, the Mario's veggie slice was hands down better. A true and authentic Italian taste to it (how it should be). It was filling enough that I had to bring the chicken slice home. I ate it 45 minutes later (cold) and it was delicious. Perfectly breaded chicken cutlet chunks, and the ideal balance of sauce, cheese and crust. Hit the spot just right.

However, I wasn't too thrilled with the little cup of tomato sauce I received. It just lacked the true flavor I prefer in a straight sauce. Despite that, it still works perfectly when used for making the pizza itself.

Overall, I was completely satisfied with my meal. Mental note to self (for me at least), they kept the slices in the oven a bit too long. A "quick" blast for a few minutes is enough for me. Your mileage may vary.

Oh, my friend got a plain slice topped with some sliced green pepper. I forgot to really ask her what she thought about it.

marios pizza slice with green peppers.JPGBut she ate it.

She ate it ALL!

So I imagine it was pretty good, considering she didn't just walk out of a concentration camp deprived of food for days.

I have to honestly say, that when it came time to ordering pizza in Hoboken, I didn't choose Mario's often, because I've heard somewhat negative reviews from friends, people on chat boards and other places. I think only one person I know called this place their favorite.

Now that I see things more open minded, I have to say I'll be ordering from Mario's more often. It just tastes pretty much like pizza should!! It's close to my home, and the vibe is definitely better than most in town. Give it a shot if you've haven't yet.

And if you have, what are your thoughts? Rate above, and comment below.

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Agreed bystnader.

Oh, and Frank, it’s not pizza sauce, it’s crushed tomatoes, that’s why you like it so much, because there is nothing else in it to taint the sauce.


Sounds like abarett got fired. I’ve been going to Mario’s since he was across the street. He has always had long timers working there and a bunch of short timers. Mario isn’t a hardass, he expects you to show up on time and do your job. I think he wants responsible employees, not too much to ask.


Mario’s pizza sucks…He hires and fires his employees nearly every 2 weeks…and those that he doesnt fire quit because he’s too much of a hardass…ever wonder why the help wanted sign is always up? Thats why


Best pizza sauce!


I’ve always gone into Mario’s to eat so I can’t comment on the delivery issues. The plain pizza is good, it’s just solid good. Nothing crazy or spicy. The white pizza is good half way though until you decide they have put way too much cheese on it. It usually dries my mouth out. The pasta is good and the sauce is ok. They have these mini beer pitchers that is a perfect amount to have with the pizza. Go there for the pizza and mini pitchers.