Friday Fun: Three Fun Websites


Here’s something to occupy a few minutes of your time as you wrap up this final day of the work-week (for the “regular employed folk” out there).

Surf this!

I stumbled across these three peculiar websites that apparently are done by the same guy. Very minimalistic in design. Just three specific categories on each site. Let’s start with the first one…

Keggers of Yore

This website “Keggers of Yore” consists only of random pictures of people at parties or holding alcoholic beverages. The photos range from old to new. Some funny stuff on there.


Aloha Friday

Not sure what the deal is with Aloha Friday – just random (non-alcoholic) photos. Some vacation shots. Party shots. Kid shots. (Also some rated PG topless shots, too.) But something about the site makes you keep clicking to see more. Very bizarre collection.


Three Frames

My favorite of the bunch is Three Frames. Each photo consists of exactly three frames of a particular movie or video – and they just repeat and loop continuously. Some are pretty cool, others funny – even some that are creepy. Warning – if you suffer from seizures, you might want to look away.


Hope you had fun surfing around them – and enjoy the rest of your Friday!

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Mr Hand is convinced everyone is on dope!!!


H411 check it out, this U.Kansas guy who was fighting is from Hoboken:

In response to midtownauthentic who said:

Mr Hand is convinced everyone is on dope!!!