Hoboken tax bills increase?


Well, I’m guessing…

Free Electricity: One Cent added to tax bill?

I noticed a family had a little birthday party over at Elysian Park this afternoon. And they were allowed to “plug in” this inflatable play tent contraption.

I was thinking – do they have to pay for this? If not, should the city then set up free charging stations for laptops, cell phones – heck, even hybrid rechargeable cars? Maybe I can get a 1000′ extension cord and plug my HOUSE in here?

Anyway – I’d suspect this will add maybe a cent to your next quarterly tax bill. Just don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday!”


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strand tramp
strand tramp

i saw that monstrosity and wondered who in city hall would permit this sh1t? i doubt they even got a permit.


You have an ex-tax collector with a huge under assessment and illegal apartments. Along with never filing a rent stabilization statement, and we care about somebody plugging in inflate a toy?

I can nit-pick with the best of them. But seriously. Let’s focus on the main problem!


Maybe it was included in whatever their permit fee was to have a private party in the park.