“I love my life” exhibit tomorrow


Hoboken artist Roland Ramos (Artifications) has organized a fun art exhibit at Eureka Art Space (in the back of Full House Printing at 259 First Street) on Saturday, September 19th at 7pm!

I Love My Life: A Mantra for Tough Times

Hello Lovely People,
Saturday night will be an amazing experience. A cast of 38 participating artists have transformed an old 1920’s silent movie theater in Hoboken into a thriving Gallery Space. Located just three blocks from the Hoboken PATH Train, the space is also 2 blocks from substantial parking.

The Acoustic Duo “Leaving Footprints” will enthrall all attendees with 2 sets in the substantial courtyard adjacent to the Gallery space. Live DJ Mixes to follow.

Exhibition opens @ 7pm @ the Eureka Gallery. Enter through the Garden entrance on Newark Street between Park and Willow in Hoboken (Directly behind 259 1st street).

Please bring a bottle of wine and a few friends to support Hoboken Arts!

Abstract: “I love My Life”

She told me how difficult life has been, with family, and friends, and how she Hates her life sometimes. “You need a new mantra” I told her. Your new Mantra is “I Love My Life”. Say it till it says you. A moment was then taken to write it on my wall for posterity.

“I Love My Life” is a group art show celebrating positivity in bad times and good, with over 35 artists from across the country. Every piece to be shown is directly tied to the Mantra “I Love My Life”.


The Exhibition will show recent works by.
Laura Stagnaro-Martinez
Hugo Juarez
David Ribyat
Olivia Wilber
Virginia Kaminetzer
Ana Nunez
Lau Gallico Klohe
Ali Brief
Grigory Gurevich
Kristen Ryan Shea
Danielle Scott
Christine Goodman
Janice Ducate
Maria Castillo
Kris Berry
Joyce A Zielaznicki
Natalya Kaddish
Janice Anderson
Brenda and Leo Collective
Stephen Chopek
Mercedes Martin
Liz Cohen
Joe Jacovino
Herman Martinez
Beth Achenbach
Lloyd Gold
Jason Gluskin
Uta Brauser
Luca Cusolito
Tintawi Charaka Kalgziabiher
Amanda Thackray
Lynda D’Amico
Beatrice Mady
Laura Desantis-Olsson
Russ Wiggins
Bobby Casteneda

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