“Fun-Employed” in Hoboken!


[Note: Continuing the series of article contributions from Hoboken411 reader Andrew – who has volunteered to share his perspectives of the world we live in. Share your thoughts in the comments section!]

The silver lining of being jobless

By Andrew Brown

Before I fully explain what I’ve been up to over my unexpected “summer break” please read the following link from The Onion for some great insight into how to cope with the fact that your life seems to be the inspiration for Groundhog Day.


As I sit outside on this beautiful weekday and write this article I’m wondering what I even have to complain about. While woe certainly is not me, however the job search process is enough to even bring Ned Flanders down. So instead of dwelling on the loss of my severance and or where I’ll get my next paycheck from (aside from the NY taxpayers of course) I’ll likely head to the gym, get a haircut and make sure that I am more than ready for some football.

Any advice for the recently unemployed?

Full disclaimer: The first 6 weeks of unemployment have been wonderful, hence the title of this article. I have been living like I’m retired which is great for the mind but unfortunately not so great for the wallet. Heading down the shore, playing golf and going to concerts are apparently not free.

So now I turn it over to the readers because unlike white I am worn out after Labor Day (or whatever that ridiculous fashion faux pas is).

I pass plenty of other “unemployed zombies” as I walk around our fine city and I wonder what they’re up to, where they’ve been and what cheap entertainment secrets they might have. Perhaps you’re one of us and can help steer me towards something more productive than a day of searching Monster.com followed by cheap drinks at Happy Hour.


Have any advice for Andrew?

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It’s a shame because there was so much potential and the problem is obvious


I guess anything goes on this site


I’ve been unemployed since April and joining the Hoboken Library has provided me countless hours of entertainment in the form of books, music, and videos. All these years it’s been right down the block and I never stepped foot in there. As long as I’m learning something I don’t feel like the days are wasted.

Also, get on the PATH train get off somewhere random and just walk around. I’ve been doing lots of wandering and exploring and you always find something on the cheap.

Just take advantage of the time and embrace it. You may not have this opportunity again. Good Luck!!


Doesn’t sound like he’s looking for a date so much as a lay.


Hanging out with Strand Tramp would most likely end like this.

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