Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 9/18/2009


Rise and Shine! It’s Friday!

Many political nuggets this morning – along with real coffee as well!


What have I got for you to digest today?

Political Press Releases Summed up for you

With EIGHT candidates for Mayor there are going to be gobs of press releases coming out between now and Election Day. Not every press release is worthy of a new story that bumps other Hoboken411 content. This is not a political blog. It’s a website about everything Hoboken, and politics is just one part of our city. So, as part of the morning bites we include some political press releases…


First, Councilwoman Beth Mason sends out an update about this week’s crazy six-hour council meeting covering appointments, the challenge to Michael Schaeffer’s seat on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and clarifying some misperceptions about the Rent Control Ordinance hearings ahead.


Second, we have a press release from Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who wants to take her piece of pre-election credit for a the granting of a Hudson County easement for the North Hudson Sewerage Authority’s storm pump plan. This was a pump plan endorsed first by the guy she replaced in the Fourth Ward seat. (What ever happened to those “wireless flood solutions” anyway? Oh, nevermind…)

Brinkman, Pupie & Williams

Third, Republican Mayoral candidate Nathan Brinkman put out this press release announcing his candidacy, and another saying he would not challenge the petitions filed by Dawn Zimmer and Beth Mason.

frank-raia-for-mayor-logo-hoboken-njPolitics makes strange bedfellows, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that Arnold Williams is getting involved in Hoboken politics again. Last seen knocking on doors with Gerry McCann seeking dirt about Dawn Zimmer’s fourth ward absentee ballots, Williams is now promoting Frank Raia’s candidacy for Mayor with a logo on his Facebook page

Pupie is still trying to toss Zimmer and Mason from the ballot, and Kim Glatt has filed a objection Zimmer’s ballots and may also seek to reject Mason’s. Meanwhile, Hudson County Clerk Barbara Netchert is saying Mason and Zimmer’s ballots were accepted legally.

Raia and Glatt are hoping a judge will have a different opinion.

Finally! A new poll on Hoboken411!

In case you didn’t notice – there’s a new poll on the left side here on Hoboken411 – asking: “Who will you vote for Mayor of Hoboken?”

Free coffee promotion at Turning Point a success!

Turning Point owner Kirk Ruoff wants to thank all the readers (and Starbucks customers) that came to his cafe/restaurant this week:

“Quick update on our free coffee promotion while starbucks is being renovated. The number is now nearly 300 free cups of coffee given away to customers who simply say, “I used to be a Starbucks customer”. Chalk one down for the little independent guy verse the big behemoth!”

Enjoy your Friday everyone – and hope the day goes by quick!

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Thanks for condensing the press releases! Publishing each memo from these politicians is unnecessary. Most residents in town don’t really care.


Real confused election process for Mayor…two imcumbent councilpersons (Dawn & Beth) show poor planning in filing their petitions at the last second (or later) apparently for dramatics. Well, their performance in the budget process that led to state takeover left much to be desired and one hopes that they learned by their budget failure. Does not the Mayor have to have the ability to plan and lead? Now we have the businessman Raia who can fund most of his campaign as well as Beth. He could not win in the Bd. of Ed, but he is willing to lead the city…Now, we have the municipal judge resigning to run for Mayor. Well, at this late stage in the game, can she get her platform out? She is not responsible for the financial woes of Hoboken and seems to be a worthy candidate for Mayor. Back to our two councipersons seeking the seat: One has the advantage of the seat right now and has gotten good press and the other is getting press on her ‘ballfield’ idea and has put great effort and $ to get elected. Well, this writer has not decided on whom to vote for…..who will represent real change……that is for the voting public to decide. The other four candidates have an extreme disadvantage in race.