More trouble for Stevens Institute?

3/12/2010 Update:

Possible misuse of Federal funds?

Oh boy – after apparently “settling” their case with the State of NJ – it seems that Stevens Institute of Technology is back in the “money news” again.

ABC News reported today that questions are being asked about possible misuse of Federal Department of Homeland Security funds received by Stevens Tech.

“Two state officials described the federal inquiries about the possible misuse of nearly $3 million in Homeland Security grant money distributed to the Hoboken-based technical college, which has spent months under fire over allegations that it mismanaged its books. The state officials discussed the conversations on the condition they not be identified.

The non-profit university had in recent years become a darling of New Jersey’s congressional delegation, which has directed millions of dollars in congressional earmarks and federal grants to the school. In 2008 alone, Stevens received $12.8 million in defense related earmarks requested by Sens. Robert Menendez (D), Frank Lautenberg (D) and other New Jersey lawmakers. Stevens also received $4.8 million in stimulus funds through grants from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. departments of transportation, health and human services, and education.”

Read the whole story here.

1/15/2010 Update:

Case vs. NJ settled…

Raveche to resign, parties agree to new procedures

The State of NJ and Stevens Institute have reached a settlement agreement. Here are some documents to review:

12/30/2009 Update:

Chairman Babbio says everything’s fine

Here we have an update from Lawrence T. Babbio Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Stevens Institute of Technology.

In regards to President Hal Raveché’s compensation, he says it’s “performance based” and in line with similar positions at other institutions. And in regards to the reduction of the endowment fund, he pointed at the fledgling economy as the culprit.


12/22/2009 Update:

Hal Raveché’s “fiscal impropriety” story makes the NY Times today.

Endowment shrinks by $40+ million

“You’ve got allegations involving excessive compensation, but also abuse of the endowment, keeping two sets of books, misleading the board and forgiveness of below-market-rate loans,” Mr. Siegel said. “The entire process of oversight looks tainted. You rarely see a case this extreme.”

“They were all beholden to him, and there were no controls on what he spent,” Mr. Cuff said. “He’d travel the world, keeping no receipts. He’d come to the West Coast, have limousines meet him, stay in five-star hotels, all under the guise of raising money. And it was very, very expensive.”



Seems that Hoboken is never more than a stone’s throw away from a crisis, investigation or lawsuit…

stevens institute lawsuit hal raveche anne milgram nj hoboken - More trouble for Stevens Institute?

Fiscal Impropriety?

NJ State Attorney General Anne Milgram has her sights set on removing powerful Stevens Institute President Hal Raveche from his position at the Hoboken school. According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Milgram plans to file a lawsuit today charging the school with fiscal impropriety and seeking to remove its top two leaders.

See previous updates after the jump!

AG spokesman David Wald said the state’s two-year investigation also discovered misappropriation of endowment funds and excessive compensation.

Ahead of that suit, Stevens has filed it’s own suit seeking for any case to be pursued through confidential arbitration away from the eyes of the public. Raveche has been criticized for the millions of dollars in salary and loans he has received from the school. The staunch Republican was a favorite of former Mayor David Roberts.

The AG is also seeking to have Board of Trustees Chairman Lawrence Babbio (of Babbio Center fame) removed from Stevens. Under Raveche, Stevens has taken a heavy-handed approach in dealing with Hoboken community groups that have called the school’s ambitious development plans into question.

See the full Ledger story here…

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I could make news out of what-if scenarios all day long if abc wants to put me on their payroll.

Breaking News: What if last months snowstorm (which has since melted and been forgotten about) dumped 12 inches of snow on us instead of 10??? Stay tuned for more on this developing story….


hahaha this is such a good example of making news of nothing. We all know how this case ended a few months ago.

Now someone is like “wait… a school that does a lot of research got money for doing research… what if they misspent some of it????”

how is this news abc. how.


Aaahhh…does this mean I won’t see in Elysian dog run the “easter egg puppies”, as I called yellow lab sister/brother puppies, now yearlings? (“easter egg” because spring puppies with bright purple and pink collars). Scout and …what is the other’s name?


“Stevens also agreed to setting term limits for trustees and board leaders, including a 15-year term limit for the chairman and vice chairman of the board.

Under that rule, Chairman Lawrence Babbio would be able to serve another three years on the board. Milgram had originally sought to have him removed from office.”

In addition to this, Raveche will get his base salary until 2011, and will get full compensation fornon-compete and consultancy arrangements until 2014.

Isn’t it a little ironic that Anne Milgram is out of her seat shortly and these guys get to stick around for a while?

I mean seriously, Raveche is getting paid as a consultant to help the transition for whoever is his replacement. To “show him the ropes” I guess.


the $40mm loss at stevens pales in comparison to the multibillion dollar destruction of the harvard endowment. now if they’d only charge the guy responsible… or instead make him Obama’s economic czar!?!?!? crazy world we live in


Mathematics indeed.

In response to jazzeru who said:

the $40mm loss at stevens pales in comparison to the multibillion dollar destruction of the harvard endowment. now if they’d only charge the guy responsible… or instead make him Obama’s economic czar!?!?!? crazy world we live in