Mayoral Filing Deadline Mayhem!


Eight people want to be Mayor

but how many will be on the ballot?

hoboken mayoral candidates file petitions in jersey city nj - Mayoral Filing Deadline Mayhem!

It was quite a scene at the Hudson County Plaza building where the filing petitions for Mayor of Hoboken were due at 4pm Wednesday. Last time around, petitions were filed in the Hoboken City Clerk’s office. Apparently a number of candidates didn’t get the memo about how they would need to bring their petitions directly to the county for the November election. That led to a mad scramble for Beth Mason and Dawn Zimmer, who waited until the last minute to file and had to race to the new building. Now both Zimmer and Mason face a challenge by Frank Raia, who wants them disqualified!

Perturbed Pupie launches lawsuit!

hoboken frank pupie raia - Mayoral Filing Deadline Mayhem!Raia is charging any petitions from Zimmer and Mason time-stamped after 4pm should be rejected. Zimmer’s petitions were time-stamped at 4:05pm, apparently because the Acting Mayor didn’t sign all the forms properly in the area marked for her signature even though a Notary Public mark had already been placed on the pages next to where she should have signed in front of the Notary as a witness. There is now a question about whether there was a legal witness for these petitions since the Notary stamp preceded Zimmer’s signature (in an apparent violation of the law).

Zimmer’s campaign manager had apparently originally received a 3:56pm time-stamp receipt for the petitions, but then asked for the petitions back because Zimmer’s signature was not on them, making them incomplete! By the time Zimmer finished she ended up after the deadline with a 4:05pm time stamp. That prompted Raia to say he would file a legal challenge to toss Zimmer’s petitions, potentially throwing her out of the race. Also heard that an attorney for candidate Nathan Brinkman is also complaining about Zimmer signing pre-Notarized pages, which is a big no-no.

Mason maneuvers mangled maze!

Meanwhile, Beth Mason was sent to the wrong room in the newly open building three times before being trapped in a non-working elevator that maintenance people tried to operate for her. This led to public safety personnel being called to the scene to rescue the second ward councilwoman, who was in the building ahead of the deadline, but didn’t get the petitions to the clerk until two or three minutes after 4pm. Raia also wants Mason’s petitions tossed.

Political watchers say Zimmer has the bigger problem, because signing pre-Notarized forms is a legal issue that could call into question the legality of all her associated petitions. If a Notary didn’t actually see Zimmer sign the papers, the signature has not been witnessed and is therefore invalid. At least, that’s the case that Pupie’s attorney may make in court.

So who are the other 6 people running, and how does this break down? Find out after the jump!

(Mayoral Mayem, Continued…)

Assuming Pupie loses his challenges, the top tier of candidates is Zimmer, Mason and Raia. All three have considerable personal cash to throw at the campaign and a great deal of name recognition. You know all three, and probably already have your mind made up about them. They are known commodities.

Tier #2

nathanbrinkmanphoto - Mayoral Filing Deadline Mayhem!The next tier includes two unknown quantities who may have the potential to make an impact on the race. We hear young Conservative Republican Nathan Brinkman has the connections to raise some GOP cash to be a thorn in the side of Hoboken democrats. He’s working with the team that got Republican Bret Schundler elected Mayor of Jersey City. That said, Schundler’s name recognition in JC at the time of his run was much higher than the unknown Brinkman. There are fewer than 3000 registered Republicans in Hoboken, and many of them are born and raised who will make their Mayoral choice based on their local experience, not national politics. Others in the GOP are part of the active “Reform” cliques, and will likely continue to vote Mason or Zimmer. That doesn’t leave much to pick up, but we’ll have to see what kind of campaign he can run.

Here come da judge! (But she’s not likely to rule)

The other person on Tier #2 is now former Municipal Judge Kimberly Glatt. She stepped down from her bench yesterday and filed petitions to run. Back in the spring there were rumors that the Hoboken First crowd – including (the since-arrested) Michael Schaeffer, (now-former HPU chief) John Corea and others – were trying to convince Glatt to jump into the Mayor’s race. She didn’t then, but she is in now. She’s on Tier #2 because she’s not likely to win, but may take key votes away from other candidates.

Tier #3: Who? What? and Why?

everton - Mayoral Filing Deadline Mayhem!Who is Everton Wilson? What is Patricia Waiters doing? Why is Sal DeMeo running? These are the questions we find on Hoboken’s Third Tier of Mayoral candidates. According to his Facebook page, Everton Wilson is a 1983 graduate of Kingston College High School in Jamaica (the island nation, not Queens) who has an MBA in Information Systems from NYU. Other than that, nobody in political circles seems to know the guy.

Patricia Waiters put down her umbrella and picked up petitions to run for Mayor, despite her last place finish in the May Council-at-Large race (with 569 votes). She’s likely to receive less than that in November. (Did somebody say Freddie Frazier?)

Sal DeMeo is a retired Hoboken Policeman who has run before, and hasn’t come close to gaining a seat. He ran for Council-at-Large in 2001 and got 386 votes, which was a lot less than the 897 votes he got when he ran in 1997. DeMeo last ran for Fourth Ward Council in 2003, when he and Tony Soares were thwacked by Chris Campos in a four-way race that ended without a runoff.

How many of these people will make it to the actual ballot? Who is in it to win it, and who is in it to siphon candidates from one candidate to help another? Which ones will make a deal to get out of the race before the ballot-printing deadline?

More important updates as they become available.

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Monday, September 21, 2009 3:28 pm

Larry W…if Brinkman gets elected he will be the same as everyone else NG on the payroll…Is he willing to serve for $1 per year as Bloomberg? Will he hire his cronies? Well, don’t sweat it – he will remain on the bottom tier.

Sunday, September 20, 2009 12:07 pm

No one should be disqualified by relatively small issues…the public has the right to choose. However, planning and organization skills should be considered when voting since the winner will represent all of us. Sometimes “little things mean a lot”. Have a great day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009 12:09 am


Reply to  eye4neye
Sunday, September 20, 2009 1:33 pm

A tooth for a tooth?

Vote for me, and I’ll set you free?

Ball of Confusion… that’s what the world is today!

In response to eye4neye who said:


Saturday, September 19, 2009 1:18 pm

Latest rumor: Raia & Glatt to hook-up…then perhaps, a big three race?

Friday, September 18, 2009 3:09 pm

411 – There is such an interest in resume’s for appointed positions now, and there are people in this race we might not know. Do you think it’s possible to get a copy of all candidates resumes, including Zimmer and Mason, so we can vet them?

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