Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 9/17/2009


Good morning Hoboken!

So what nuggets do we have for you today?


A couple tidbits to nosh on this morning…

Hoboken Politics

  • Another grueling six-hour marathon City Council meeting – which is practically intolerable even from your own home!
  • Speaking of which – they finally named a halfway decent Hoboken Housing Authority member – Eduardo Gonzalez. Check out his resume here!
  • More political stuff to follow…

NJ Transit – no more cash at Port Authority

Starting on October 19th, 2009 – boarding buses at the Port Authority will require a ticket or pass – no cash allowed. Transit officials believe this will speed things up.


Uptown Farmers Market Today!

I’ll remind you guys once again – today is once again the “new for 2009” Uptown Hoboken Farmers Market starting at 3pm.

Smaller in scale to the downtown version, but in addition to fresh fruits and veggies – some tasty breads, cheeses and other fun stuff!

Politics brings out the worst in people

Hoboken411 strives to continue being the most honest representation of the “pulse” of what Hoboken residents are feeling and saying. Unlike other “wild west” websites that have practically no control over who posts, or how many identities they possess – that will not fly here.

With that being said, please note that (especially during election season) – more overzealous and fanatical readers will try and taint the discourse of the conversation. While only a tiny handful of readers have actually been show the door (out of over 20,000 registered users) – I will not hesitate to use my discretion to do the same for those with no regard to the post rules. Read them.

Note, that I’m more tolerant of strong language between readers (get thicker skin, people!) than I am of phonies who have no life and sign up with many screen names.

Have a nice day!

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Would you agree that commentators like Olbermann and Beck “taint the discourse” of conversation, with their nonstop hyperbole and fear tactics?

rich k
rich k

The PABT ticket plan is a non-starter, unless they greatly improve the number and placement of vending machines. It’s hard enough to find the gate if you’re only an occasional rider (which cash customers are likely to be). But to then have to leave the line and hunt for a vending machine, especially after hours, is needlessly antagonistic to customers. trains could use this too – as major a station as Montclair had NO ticket machines the last time I boarded there.

While we’re at it, maps that have a relationship to reality would be a great help. Other mass transit services have overlain their routes on Google maps years ago. NYC even uses GPS to let computer & smart phone users know how far away their next bus is. We have meaningless schematics that look like PowerPoints designed by Escher.