Hoboken is Toxic


Toxins everywhere – run fast!

Hoboken411 reader Carol sent in a photo of this “Environmental Cleanup” sign posted near Church Towers at 5th and Clinton Streets recently.

Similar signs have been posted uptown and at Stevens – Hoboken is no stranger to toxic situations and areas in need of “clean up.”

Take a look at the current list of ACTIVE areas in Hoboken. More than 100 on the list! (As of two weeks ago, according to the NJDEP)

Is your neighborhood on the list?


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Ken Lay

Maybe Church Towers will be condemned.

Frank G
Frank G

my wife and I just received a certified letter from an Engineering Company informing us that the state is conducting an investigation of environmental contamination at the U-Store_it at 1040 Grand Street.
The letter stated the investigation was prompted by the presence of chlorinated compounds found in the groundwater. The work will involve the monitoring of groundwater to determine whether natural attenuation of the chlorinated compound is occurring at the property.


Toxins are everywhere in NJ. Check here to see other NJ locations: http://www.nj.gov/dep/srp/kcsnj/

Hoboken is no different from any other town.