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Hoboken Photo of the Day – 9/15/2009

Not sure if you find yourself ever schlepping along 11th Street between Washington and Hudson ever, but if you do – you’d certainly remember how dark it was. With sub-standard street lights, and over-grown trees – it just felt rather dingy. Well – first came the Maxwell’s sidewalk repair last year, then just last week, they removed yet another tree down the street. I’m sure you tree-huggers might be a bid saddened by this news, but I certainly feel it was just way too much for a residential street. Much nicer now!

Although, that stench from the sewage treatment thing-a-ma-bob seems worse than usual…


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Don’t you think calling everyone who likes living on a street with trees “tree huggers” is a little extreme? The truth is, trees give a street character, save money for homeowners by providing shade in the summer (reducing electric bills) and tend to have a calming effect on residents.

I’m lucky to live in a corner unit with trees on both sides of the living room. In addition to the dog getting to watch squirrels–which is always entertaining–it’s nice to have leaves outside the window for some privacy from the street for half of the year, some shade, and a the pleasant effect of leaves rustling outside the open window. Yeah, nothing spectacular but just small things that are nice and make it much better than just a barren street corner of concrete and blacktop.

The OTHER improvements however are great for that block, like sidewalk and street repair. The sewer issue is a much bigger one that needs to be taken care of…but I’m not sure the trees were really a problem (or that taking them out is an improvement to quality of life) as much as the other issues were.

On a side note, the screen name isn’t environmentalist-driven. Just a nod to the old bar that was on 14th and Willow.

strand tramp
strand tramp

I AGREE! you can’t leave a stump there. the city now must chop up the sidewalk around it, and grind the stump out so that a new tree can be planted. as it stands right now it is a large rotting stump that will take years to decompose. the city does this all over town. look at 3rd between bloomfield and garden.

rich k
rich k

Getting back to the tree, I also preferred a tree-lined street, for the shelter, beauty and the natural quieting effect all those leaves add in the summer. A look at the photo, though, tells the tale – the entire center of the trunk was gone, so it was a matter of sooner rather than later that the tree was going to go down. Tree lovers in the area, start putting pressure on the city now to make sure they remove the stump and plant a new tree ASAP.


Fixing the sewers should be a priority of the next administration. There should be a construction moratorium on new housing, commercial properties and baseball stadiums until this is fixed. Imagine if 15 thousands fans at a baseball game all go to the facilities during the 7th inning stretch and flush at the same time? KAPOOOM! Crap everywhere!

There is a problem as Margaret describes downtown. Take a walk by River St. and Newark St. today. The smell by the post office is unbearable. I believe there is one of those catch basins for storm water underneath the sidewalk behind the post office and Newark St. It may need to be “cleaned” too.


Check it out for yourself. See the Video on the net.
“hot raw sewage floods classroom”.. Our overhead pipes in our older homes and buildings are overloaded. See also “failed pumps”..I have hundreds of pages of research on this and have
encapsulated them down to a couple of dozen. Millions have been spent here to look at the problem, how much is “waste”?……..
How are the taxpayers going to foot the bill for the repair and
renovation of the entire system before it blows? Especially downtown…? Take a look for yourself, I have MORE…