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Have you ever heard of “Use-What-You-Have-Interiors?” Are you in the market for some interior redecorating? (unlike unfortunate souls like me – who need a whole lot more than that…)

Well, then you’ll want to read on to learn more about Hoboken’s Rose Napoli and her Stylish Spaces Redecorating company:


Stylish Spaces Redecorating expands offerings

Lauri Ward, best-selling author and president of Manhattan-based interior decorating service Use-What-You-Have Interiors, announces that Rose Napoli of Hoboken, New Jersey has successfully completed her Decorator Training Program to become a certified member of the Interior Refiners Network (IRN), the preeminent organization of one-day redecorators.

Her company, Stylish Spaces Redecorating, will now offer Use-What-You-Have Interiors style decorating consultations using the innovative principles and techniques first developed by Ward in the early eighties and described in her popular book, Use-What-You-Have Decorating. Emphasizing “expert redecoration without new investment,” Ms. Ward and certified Interior Refiners in more than 100 cities across the United States use existing furniture and accessories to give clients’ homes a great new look in just one day.

In announcing Napoli’s certification, Ward said, “I’m so pleased that Rose Napoli has joined the Interior Refiners Network. The services of Stylish Spaces Redecorating bring the residents of this area a proven, money-saving way to redo their homes using what they have.”

Services offered by Napoli include one-day, flat-rate makeovers for home or office; rearrangement of furniture and accessories; the creation of a detailed design plan that includes paint, lighting, window treatments, flooring, furnishings, art and accessories; and home staging for resale.

For information call Stylish Spaces Redecorating at 917-685-1942 or visit the website at For more information about the Interior Refiners Network or Use-What-You-Have Interiors, log on to or call 800-WE-USE-IT.

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