Great Hoboken business opportunity!


A gold mine waiting to open in uptown Hoboken

We all know the economy is very shaky these days, and any real estate or business investment needs to be carefully considered.

However, I spotted a great opportunity for a crafty businessman or skilled restaurateur to think about: The old Coach Park Deli spot at 15th and Grand Streets. If a quality pizza place or late-night eatery goes there, it may have a decent chance of succeeding for the following reasons:

The closest pizza place is a third of a mile away (Rosario’s), so it’s a perfect location for the pizza cravings many people get!

Note to anyone that takes my suggestion: If you open up and succeed – Hoboken411 gets free pizza for life!

See original Coach Park updates from 2008 and beyond after the jump!

Coach Park Restaurant For Sale!


hoboken-coach-park-deli-for-sale-january-2008.jpgBeen almost a year since Hoboken411 enjoyed the food over at Coach Park. Now I find out it’s for sale! Oh no!

Check this Craigslist listing here, or if it’s gone, a PDF of the entry here, forever saved for your download pleasure.

$175,000 isn’t much for this moderate sized eatery. If done right, it could be a new hot-spot of Hoboken (especially for the late-night drunken revelers!) Plenty of parking, wide streets, and not that much through-traffic (compared to Washington, etc.)

Any takers? Contact Joseph Nichols at Re/Max 201-320-6900 or

I’ll be going for lunch this week. See previous review after the jump.


Being a long time resident in Hoboken, let alone any city, doesn’t mean you’ll ever have the opportunity to visit each and every shop, restaurant, bar or business. Unless you’re on a mission, like me!

Seeing that I already had the Taco Truck adventure under my belt, it was time to try the Coach Park Restaurant. I was already in the area sniffing around that new structure they’re building around the corner, and it just made sense to finally try a place I’ve driven by hundreds of times, but never ever step foot in.

Check out the surprising lunch time review below!

Description – Pizzeria Deli, sandwiches, salads, and daily specials. Open Monday through Saturday 5:30am – 5:00pm
Services – Pizza Breakfast, Lunch
Address – 363 15th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-3427
Telephone – (201) 420-6860


Again since I was in the area, this was a logical choice for a “quick snack”.

Me and my friend walked in to the place, having no idea what to expect. It was fairly occupied with many local blue-collar type workers from the area (bus company employees, mechanics, etc). The dining area had an odd arrangement of objects. Pool table. TV. Piano. Odd, but at least interesting. A good way for people to be at ease during lunch.


I always remember the Coach Park sign as having pizza on it. They even have a pizza oven in there. Abraham (the owner) was kind enough to tell me all about it. He’s been the owner since 1994 (Coach Park originally opening in 1965). He said he stopped selling pizza about a year ago to “try different menu items out”. Being the pizza lover I am, I wanted to know if it’ll come back. “Later this year, and I’ll also offer delivery” he said. Good news!


As far as the lunch menu, they offered different sandwiches, salads and daily specials. A full breakfast menu is also available (I’ll be back for a bacon egg and cheese one day soon!). For today’s review, we chose a couple of the specials. I picked the chicken cutlet with bacon, and my friend picked the tuna melt.

Within minutes, the plates were ready. I hadn’t eaten anything substantial in a couple days, so a fried chicken cutlet may not have been the best idea, but I have to say it was astonishingly well made. Great bread and thinly breaded cutlets. It was very easy to eat. Came with some fries and macaroni salad too. Both were well above average for a diner-like establishment. Very happily surprised!


Here’s what my dining compadre said about her melt:
“The tuna was fresh with the proper amount of seasoning, mayo, and finely chopped celery. The rye bread was grilled with an appropriate amount of butter. I hate when you get a sandwich or panini and the thing is dripping with butter. This was perfect. The quantity of the tuna was the ideal amount (not squishing out the sides and not too skimpy to leave you still hungry). The tomato and cheddar cheese were both good quality.”


Yes, we felt a little out of place initially, because maybe they’re not used to seeing “our type” in there at lunch. However, everyone was normal, nice and friendly. Abraham indicated that he’s seeing more and more nearby residents coming in since the construction boom, and he’s quite happy. They may have odd hours that make it difficult to swing by, but I feel its a decent alternative to the typical diner in Hoboken. A pleasant surprise!

Oh, I forgot. While we were eating, Abraham must have noticed I was snapping pictures of our meal, and he called me up to the counter to take a picture of this Chicken, rice and beans special (with garlic bread). Looked pretty good to me, and for $4.50 seemed like a bargain.


coach park.JPG

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What chicken place is opening up here soon?


This is unfortunate. Had an outstanding burger and a game of pool just the other day. Walking down Washington today I noticed that the Grill’s neighbot, Burlington Coat Factory, is also closed. That’s a heavy hit in one day. Burlington was always good friend. They’ll both be missed as this town continues to make a mockery of its long-departed soul.


You mean like those old spaghetti westerns where some New Yorker wearing a pressed white suit with a white british wig and Tiffany’s matching luggage walks into a bar in Tucson, AZ and orders a bottle of Wild Turkey at the bar?

And everyone turns around.


[QUOTE]we felt a little out of place initially, because maybe they’re not used to seeing “our type” in there at lunch.”[/quote]

So, what exactly is your “type”?????