Intersection accident this morning


If any of you were wondering what the sirens and traffic was along Willow Avenue this morning, it was another car accident – this time taking place at an intersection with a dang traffic light to boot.

Hoboken411 reader John sent a few pics in to connect the dots for you all:

2 cars crash; nice new Lexus SUV also damaged

“(Accident took place) around 7:40 am. Not sure, but silver Honda car traveling south on Willow hit by white van (official logo of something on door) traveling east on 7th. Heard no brakes, just a collision. The Lexus parked on corner looks brand new. The Lexus SUV parked on corner was hit by van which after hitting car carried both into Lexus SUV. Lexus damaged on bumper and rear right quarter panel.”

I presume this was caused by one of three things: Someone in a hurry to get nowhere, an idiot fuddling with their cell phone, a combination of two equally absent minded and slow-reflexed drivers.

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King of Rock
King of Rock

Where are all those idiots talking about how bad pedestrians are when they cross the street. I guess in this situation they would blame a pedestrian for having crossed the street 5 minutes earlier.

Just another example of a driver in a rush, not paying attention, thinking he/she owns the road.

Hope each driver wakes up tomorrow, feels a little sore and then thinks to himself/herself – “I am so glad I did not hit any pedestrians, I am a stupid driver”


There’s a traffic light at this intersection? I guess someone ran the red light?