Free coffee at Turning Point


With the uptown Starbucks closed for renovations this week – the Turning Point News & Cafe is offering free coffee to Starbucks customers all week!


TP News & Cafe Free Coffee Special

Support Your Locally Owned & Operated Coffee Shop Promo

With the recent “closed for renovations” Starbucks the owners of TP News & Café feel it is a prefect time to wow some new customers.

They have now been open for 2 years and have developed a nice group of regular customers during the morning commute and through-out the day.

The Free Coffee Special will take place any day the Starbucks is closed for renovations. All any customer has to say is, “I used to be a Starbucks customer” when the barista or cashier hears this you will immediately receive your small, medium or large coffee for Free. Come in as many times as you like during the days Starbucks is closed and say the phrase and get your free coffee.

The TP News & Café is located next to The Turning Point Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch at 1420 Frank Sinatra and 14th Street across from the NY Waterway Hoboken North ferry terminal.

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You mean Turning Point is open? They were closed Monday when I tried to go there for breakfast.


So with starbucks closed and all can i get a free sandwich and say “I used to eat those crappy pre made sandwiches starbucks sold” and get a free sandwich or is it just coffee?